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Azerbaijan Visa

Azerbaijan Visa | Apply E-Visa | 25% Off

  • E Visa (Normal)
  • Visa Type: Single Entry
  • Visa Fee: 24 USD
  • Service Fee: Rs 1500
  • Processing Time: 3 Days
  • Processing Type: Normal
  • Duration of Stay: 30 days
  • Validity: 3 Months
  • E Visa (Urgent)
  • Visa Type: Single Entry
  • Visa Fee: 50 USD
  • Service Fee: Rs 1500
  • Processing Time: 3 Hours
  • Processing Type: Urgent
  • Duration of Stay: 30 days
  • Validity: 3 Months

Azerbaijan visa services and assistance is provided by Malik Express , we are associated with travel and tourism industry for the last 27 years. The professional and well trained team of Malik Express is consistently in touch with embassies, consulates, and other concerned departments. Hence, our expert staff members are well informed on the latest rules and regulations pertaining to visa requirements and provide visa services to our clients in line with local regulations.

We offers you Azerbaijan visit visa at reasonable and affordable prices. Our visa experts personally manage the application process. We are here to provide you visa assistance in the easiest and quickest possible ways. We are glad to offer Azerbaijan visit visa for Pakistani citizens.

Applicants can submit the Azerbaijan visa form by person or through any authorized representative.

For all visa related services about Azerbaijan visa in Pakistan our dedicated team is here to help you. Our professional agents will guide you through the visa procedures from start to end.

If you are planning to visit Azerbaijan on a visit visa and you are looking for information about other services, our team will get you the best rates for flights, accommodation, transportation and tours.

To visit Azerbaijan on a visit visa Malik Express will help you to lend a hand on the following information:

  1. Azerbaijan visa requirements
  2. Azerbaijan visa fee from Pakistan
  3. Azerbaijan visit visa application form
  4. Processing time
For above services you are at a right place. Following are the Azerbaijan visa requirements for Pakistani nationals.

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

Azerbaijan visa requirements are very simple and easy to follow, you will have to provide:

  1. Scan copy of passport.
  2. Scan copy of CNIC

Terms and Conditions

Malik Express Travels and Tours is licensed by the Directorate of Tourist Services License No. PR-2041 issued on November 25, 1992, and internationally recognized and accredited by (IATA) International Air Transport Association.

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before applying for visa through Malik Express.

1. Documentation

Applicants must submit the relevant and necessary documents required by the issuing authority. Most of the countries requires that your passport must have at least 6 months validity. Before starting with visa application, make sure that you must have a valid passport and all other documents.

2. Payment Medium

Malik Express entertain different payment mediums to provide comfort to their clients. Payment can be done through credit or debit card, bank transfer and cash at counter. The processing fee along with visa application requisites, is subject to change without any prior notice.

3. Processing Time

The processing time of visa application varies from country to country. It begins usually the next day of receiving your visa application and do not include any public holiday.

4. Approval and Rejection of Visa

Once you submit your visa application, the documents will be evaluated by the issuing authority or Embassy. The grant or denial of your visa is purely on Embassies's discretion. Malik Express is not able to give any assurance of your visa approval.

5. Use of Intellectual Property.

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The visitors may view the information but it is strictly prohibited to use the trademark, logo, company name, content and other materials for any such act copying, altering re-posting or selling and it may subject the users to penalties.

5. Disclaimer

Malik Express's official website do not represents that the data or material provided on this website is absolutely perfect and comprehensive. The content may contain errors or mistakes. But we make timely and consistent effort to ensure the accurateness of the content.

6. Query and complaint

If you have any query and complaint related to our services, you can communicate to our team on 051 111 77 88 00 or send us an email sales-isb@malikexpress.com

Azerbaijan – An Overview

Azerbaijan is officially known as Republic of Azerbaijan. It is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Azerbaijan is bounded by the Caspian Sea, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran. Azerbaijan is a Land of fire filled with flaming mountain and volcano. Lot of hillside towns are there that hide ancient mosques and minarets, some of the most impressive modern architecture in the form of the Flame Towers in Baku. You have many option by our venture Malik Express Hotel category to stay in Azerbaijan. The rooms are available from basic to luxury at affordable prices. You can go to Azerbaijan by traveling with Malik Express Travels and Tours. Here are some must visit places in Azerbaijan listed below:

Top places to visit in Azerbaijan


Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan. It lies along the Caspian Sea and it is a curious mix of the old walled city and a modern building craze. The city embraces the modern at the Museum of the Contemporary Art that has over 900 artworks. At Teze Bazaar you can also try the local products. It is a market famous for its cheeses and spices.

Icheri Seher

It is known as “Old City” and “Fortress”. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the centre of Baku. You will find amazing architectural feats at this protected quarter of the city. These include Maiden Tower that dates from the 12th century and Shirvanshah Palace that was constructed in the 13th century. This city is also famous for the handicrafts, such as ceramic and textiles like carpets and traditional Azerbaijan national clothes.

Absheron National Park

Absheron National Park spans 783 hectares of protected land and it is the perfect place to come. The national park has local wildlife such as gazelles, birds, jackals, badgers, and Caspian seals. The land here is dry, which lends itself to romantic rolling sand dunes. Here the waters are also known to be crystal clear and teaming with wildlife including the occasional sea snake.

Garasu Volcano

Do you know Azerbaijan has the highest number of mud volcanoes in the world? 350 to be exact! Out of which one is the best known that is Garasu Volcano, known to spew mud over 1,000 metres into the air. The volcanoes are the result when gases under the earth build up and push the mud high into the air as a release. The first mud volcanoes were erupted in Azerbaijan 25 million years ago. Most of the visitors to Garasu often say that it looks like the surface of the moon!

Naftalan Oil Resort

Naftalan resort is famous for the Naftalan crude oil found here. This crude oil is said to have healing properties, and has sparked a boom in medical tourism to this region. The resort is situated in the Naftalan oil fields in the town of Naftalan. Visitors come here to undergo a range of oil based treatments that are said to help with pain relief and anti-inflammatory healing. Here you can enjoy bathing in the oil in the resort and experience a range of relaxing or stimulating oil treatments at the onsite spa.

Get your Azerbaijan visa from Pakistan through Malik Express, reach their by traveling with us and explore the beauty of Azerbaijan by staying at one of our ventured hotels throughout your stay.


We are glad to provide you with the information about how to get Azerbaijan Visa. Apply for your visa now at Malik Express and get the best visa services in town. For further more queries and submission kindly visit our Contact Us page or call at our UAN 051 111 77 88 00.


Do I need visa to enter in Azerbaijan?

Yes, it is mandatory for all Pakistani nationals to have visa to enter in Azerbaijan.

Is it mandatory for infants and kids to obtain a visa for Azerbaijan?

Yes; all individuals will consider as an applicant regardless of age limit, mean all travelers must need visa to enter Azerbaijan.

Am I eligible to get visa on arrival in Azerbaijan?

No, Pakistani citizens are not eligible to get visa on arrival in Azerbaijan except from diplomatic/official passport holders.

How much time will it take to get a visa?

The standard visa processing time for Azerbaijan Visa is 3-4 days.

In case my visa application is rejected, Is my visa fee refundable?

No visa fee is not refundable in case your visa is rejected by the issuing authorities.

Is it possible for me to know about the reason of visa rejection?

Most of the times the immigration authorities do not reveal the reason of visa rejection but in some cases they notify the reason to visa agents.

Can I reapply for visa?

It’s purely depends on first rejection’s reason; if embassy has banned/black listed you for future applications due to fake documents or any reason then you cannot re-apply till that period over. If rejection is without any reason then you have the right to re-apply.

How can I track the status of my visa application?

After filling your visa application form successfully, you can get in touch with your visa agent to know your visa application status.

What is the difference between validity of visa and periods of stay?

Validity of a visa is the period during which a visa can be used to enter Azerbaijan while the period of stay is granted by an immigration officer upon arrival in accordance with the type of visa.

What should I do if I need extension in my Visa?

Visa for Azerbaijan is not extendable.

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