Ramadan in Istanbul - Praying for Muslims to come to Christ - Visit to Turkey

ISTANBUL – Heartbeat ofthe Turkish World

Istanbul, a flourishing city, has for quite some time been theworld’s biggest city. Bestriding Europe and Asia, Istanbul has a huge swath ofprivate neighborhoods, business locale, mechanical zones, and visitor regions.Its royal residences, holy places, and mosques draw a huge number of touristsevery year.

Byzantine city of Constantinople is a notable city in the focalpoint of Istanbul. This incredible city has been the capital of both Christianand Muslim domains. Hagia Sophia, the Christian Cathedral inherent 537 AD, wasthe world's biggest house of God for a thousand years! The rambling,500-year-old, secured Grand Bazaar is a maze of thousands of shops where youcan purchase anything from flavors, floor coverings, and ceramics, to phonesand PCs. 

Over the Galata Bridge from the historically significant areaare Beyoğlu, a cutting edge European locale with global brand-name stores,costly boutiques, coffeehouses, and pedestrian avenues equaling those of Paris,London, and Rome. Istanbul is a clamoring, cosmopolitan city bragging blendEuropean and Asian impact.

Significant History ofIstanbul 

Around 2,800-years of history of Istanbul has tremendoussignificance. Established as Byzantium in 660 BC, Emperor Constantine renamedit Constantinople and turned into the capital of the Greek Christian ByzantineEmpire in 330 AD.

After it tumbled to the Turkish Ottoman powers in 1453, its namechanged again to Istanbul. It was the seat of the Ottoman Empire for about sixcenturies. At the realm's stature, the Turks administered quite a bit ofsouthern Europe, North Africa, and West Asia. Istanbul remained the capital ofthe Ottoman Empire until the formation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923 whenthe capital was moved to Ankara. 

Today Istanbul is the financial, modern, instructive, strict,and social focal point of Turkey. With 66% of its 15 million individuals livingon the European side, Istanbul is the biggest city in Europe. Turkish Airlines,situated in Istanbul, serves a greater number of nations than some othercarrier on the planet. 


Istanbul is home to the vast majority of the non-Sunni strictminorities – including somewhere in the range of 135,000 Orthodox Christians ofvarious factions, just as certain Protestants and Catholics.

Today’s Istanbul 

In today’s Istanbul, Christian minorities experiencepersecutions and mistreatment. These authoritatively perceived Christiansendure individual assaults just as Islamist assaults on their congregationstructures and authority reallocation of chapel properties. 

Even though there is a developing fervent development to Christin Turkey, with two or three dozen-house places of worship the nation over,there still can't seem to be any significant discoveries. 

A little outreaching theological college in Istanbul trains laidindividuals and ministers the nation over. A couple of outreaching places ofworship of Turkish adherents have been formally enrolled. More than 500,000 ofthe 3.5 million Syrian evacuees in Turkey are in Istanbul. 

This presents new service openings since Syrian Muslim evacueesare frequently open to the gospel. In Lebanon and Jordan, the nearness of ahuge number of Syrian outcasts has prompted a recovery in numerous Protestantholy places. Let us pray that chapels in Istanbul will be changed as theypriest to Syrian displaced people in their midst.

Points for Prayer

  • Pray for strive after Truth to lead individuals to contemplate the Injil as families and networks. 
  • Pray for the city's little assortment of adherents to boldly share the affection for Jesus. 
  • Pray for an exceptional development of Turks to Christ in Istanbul that spreads to the country. 
  • Pray that the Lord will demonstrate Himself to the individuals who don't have any acquaintance with Him. 
  • Pray for the security admirers in house and different places of worship.

Persecution Watch continueto pray for the persecuted

  • Leah Sharibu and Alice, both held hostage by the Boko Haram. 
  • For Pastor Wanh Yi from China, who has been condemned to 9 years in jail for sharing intensely the adoration for God.
  • For Anita, a Christian believer as of late condemned to 10 years in jail for sharing the Gospel in Iran. 
  • For Pakistani Christians and different minorities who are confronting segregation and mistreatment during the coronavirus emergency. Muslims are denying Christians to help food bundles in light of their confidence in Christ.

Nightly call schedule throughRamadan 

From any location on your phone


9:00 PM Eastern

8:00 PM Central

7:00 PM Mountain

6:00 PM Pacific

Call in number: 712 775-7035

Access Code: 281207#

What is Persecution Watch?

The national prayer call service of the U.S. is PersecutionWatch that implores explicitly for the worldwide Persecuted Church. For longerthan 10 years, Blaine Scogin drove this national system of adherents whosteadfastly petition God for the aggrieved and the worldwide reap for theKingdom of God. The gathering meets using a free bring in administration eachTuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 pm Eastern (it would be ideal if you checkyour time zone). Blaine likewise filled in as Prayer Director for Voice of thePersecuted and our missions got one. The petition crucial Persecution Watch isour very own signature piece. With the death of Blaine into magnificence onDecember 26, 2019, Voice of the Persecuted is resolved to proceed with thesupplication telephone call for the oppressed alongside our devoted petitionwarrior group.

Now and again, aggrieved siblings and sisters have been welcomedon the call to share the preliminaries they're confronting. The group serves toempower them by washing their feet in Spirit drove petition. Time is regularlysaved for those on the call to pose inquiries. We accept this assists withincreasing a superior comprehension of the circumstance that abused Christianssuffer in their particular countries. Questions and answers additionallyencourage us to concentrate our petitions dependent on their present needs. PersecutionWatch likewise has guests who need to implore joined from different countries.

Founder and former Prayer Director of Persecution Watch said:


 “Our prayers do have an impact on the things of eternityand the souls of men and women to find truth in him who is the Living Word.Please join us on the prayer conference call to lift prayers together. As ever,I remain your brother and prayer partner in our Lord Jesus. Meet you on thecall!

If you are unable to participate on the call, or cannot join uson a particular evening, you can still use the prayer points and pray in yourprayer closet. The only thing I would urge you is, please do it. Whether youpray privately, in a group, or on our call, please pray for a great harvest ofsouls during this time of Ramadan.” 


As Blaine Scogin did every year, the group will keep onfacilitating daily calls during Ramadan. We will be tracking with the Prayercast Team's foundation in petitioning God for Muslims for the following 30days, which started on April 24. If it's not too much trouble join to get theday-by-day video and petition focuses from Prayer cast, which we will cover, onthe daily supplication phone calls. If you presently can't seem to do as such,it's not too late. Dear siblings and sisters, we challenge you to go along withus on the phone call to implore with us during these 30 evenings of a petitionfor the abused, the reap, and for Muslims to come out of the dull, get realityand follow Jesus.

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