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Top Tourist Attractions in Belgium


Top Visited Tourist Attractions in Belgium

Belgium is a small country in Europe that is a blend of glamour of old-world and voguish culture. If you are planning a visit to Belgium it’s a great place holding diverse and historical surroundings like castles, museums, palaces, cathedrals and natural sceneries. If you are tired of your busy routine all you need is to make a flight reservation and get Schengen visa to visit this huge chunk of European history. 

Here are the most visited tourist attractions in Belgium:

The Iconic Capital – Brussels

Brussels is the most stylish capital of Belgium that is famed for various historical places, wonderful modern architecture, restaurants, terrace cafes and natural views. It is also the executive capital of European Union that drags the tourists from all over the world. The most inventive drawer of Brussels is its Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is comprised of great Baroque design, the ornate King’s House and the 15th century City Hall. A wide “Flower Carpet” is held after every 2 years in the Grand Palace in which millions begonias are set covering the huge square. 

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The Battlefields of Flanders

Due to the geographical position of Belgium, it had a great role in World War I. The Battlefields of Flanders around Ypres are particularly great attraction for tourists from all over the world. These battlefields of Flanders are also known as pilgrim’s major area in the time of war. This area is a dignified memorial of Great War that took place in Belgium.

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The Canals and Belfry of Bruges

The Canals of Bruges comes out from the River Reie in a series of five waterways that connects the river to the sea. The canals show the urban history, cruising and walking along the streets. The visitors can explore the city by having a map of interconnected canals and can visualize the beautiful sceneries, bridges and gardens. A boat tour to the canals can be taken from any of 5 waterways. 

The Belfry dominates the main square of Bruges with spectacular sight. This building was once used as a main market for the town with the architecture of the middle Ages. The most favorite thing for tourists is to climb up the narrow steps of Belfry. 

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Horta Museum and Town Houses

Horta Museum is the most stylish architecture of early 20th century that is a symbol of Nouveau Art. This museum also is authorized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Horta was an innovator of natural themes in the artistic revolution. This building is comprised of four town houses that are Hotel Tassel, Hotel Solvay, Hotel van Eetvelde and Maison & Atelier Horta. UNESCO reported the architecture of Hotel Solvay as “the most ambitious and spectacular” in the duration of Nouveau Art. 

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Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent

Ghent is the most beautiful city of Belgium that is a great attraction to the tourists by holding various old and modern buildings. The outstanding religious structure of Belgium is Cathedral of Saint Bavo with its huge Gothic choir and crypt showcases. The building of the cathedral is highlighted by the melodious glass windows and stunning wall paintings. 

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Waterloo is the most famous place historically as on 1815 Napoleon was defeated at this place. Now the Waterloo is developed as rustic agriculture lands and an artificial hill is created from with a memory of lion sculpture that memorializes the stop of Napoleon's Army.  On the top of Waterloo, the tourists can have a sight at the spectacular landscapes across the town. 

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