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Read this Before Visiting Makkah during Umrah - Complete Travel Guide


Read This before Visiting Makkah during Umrah – Complete Travel Guide

As Makkah is the most sacred City in the World, the place of birth of our dearest Prophet PBUH and the most consecrated spot for Muslims. Muslims from everywhere throughout the world rush to Makkah to perform hallowed strict commitments of minor and significant journey each year. If you have planned for your first Umrah, here's a brief travel guide with a list of things you should know before visiting the Holy City. 

Jeddah Airport 

>> Prepare yourself for the sufferings of Immigration at Jeddah air terminal.  Rationally set yourself up to go through at least 2 hours (on the off chance that you are fortunate) at the air terminal. 

>> On the off chance you are traveling with your children, bring some light snacks with you as there is no legitimate diner in the immigration area. 

>> They are particular lines for matured, ladies and children. Attempt to locate that out so that at least you can overcome speedy. Men have no relief and need to experience the agonizing moderate procedure. 

>> The staff at immigration do not talk a lot of English yet have as of late learnt scarcely any expressions of Hindi or Urdu with the goal that helps a piece. 

>> Do make an effort not to contend with the staff as it can exacerbate the situation as the greater part of them are cranky and have a 'do not care' look on their appearances. 

>> Once you cross through the migration and are going in a transport head towards the privilege after the leave entryway. They have transport warehouse where the private and government transport are stopped. 

>> There are government staff here who may request your identification, so do not be terrified as they just observe who is your support and guide you to the right transport on the off chance that you are traveling by means of a visit administrator. 

>> You can likewise purchase cell phone sim cards here being transparently sold at approx. 30 riyals. Try not to toss the card from which you stopped the sim out as behind that card is a number that is required for doing top-ups later to your cell phone credits. 

>> Makkah is around 80 minutes away from Jeddah Airport. 

>> Your visa may be taken by your visit administrator/support so guarantee that you get a band/ID card from them consequently as there can be irregular checks done by police.


Masjid Al Haram

>> If you are going in the middle of March and October guarantee that you have caps/tops/scarves to cover your heads as the climate can be extremely hot. 

>> Make sure that you have a 'meeting card' of the lodging where you staying as this can assist you with advancing back on the off chance that you are lost and don’t know your location. This is amazingly helpful if there should be an occurrence of the older. 

>> Carry a little carrier bag with you with a container of water. You can fill zamzam in them from any of the many filling focuses in the masjid. 

>> The street making way to the Masjid can get blocked so on the off chance that you are going with kids/old guarantee that you arrive at the masjid in any event 40 minutes before the time of prayer when the by-paths are similarly empty. Likewise leave the masjid late to maintain a strategic distance from the surge of individuals attempting to get out. 

>> If you are going in a gathering with ladies and kids guarantee that you set a 'meeting point' so everyone amasses there after the prayers are finished. It ought to be noticed that during prayer time certain zones/doors are considered ladies. 

>> Also note the Gate number from where you enter. This will fill in as a crisis gathering point in the event that your gathering gets separated. 

>> Carrying a huge bag carriers inside the masjid is denied so guarantee that you do not have any such bag.  

>> There is an arrangement to make purification (wu'du) in the compound/region outside the masjid. 

>> In case you are having an individual on wheel seat you can employ an assistance at approximately 250 riyals for the entire Umrah. 

>> In case you are pushing the wheel seat yourself head towards the lifts close to door number 6 or take the slope exceptionally close to that. 

>> There is no such unfilled hour or busy time to contact the Qiblah you can take a stab at different occasions. Be that as it may, it gets somewhat emptier post 2am in the first part of the day. 

>> You can bring some nourishment stuff inside the masjid on the off chance that you are with children and plan on spending a long time inside. 

>> It's additionally prescribed that you put some sort of recognizable proof (visa number, neighborhood contact number and so forth) around your child as it becomes busy and its best to be as cautious as possible.


>> People perform or conduct Umrah nearly for the duration of the day so it’s up to you when you need to begin. 

>> In instance of older/debilitated/messes with you can procure a wheel seat for the whole Umrah or just a piece of it. That is on the off chance that you need you can employ just for Safa-Marwah area for around 100 riyals or more. 

>> In case you are there for your second Umrah you can visit Masjid Al Ayesha by taking a common mentor/transport or a particular taxi. The common vehicle will cost around 15 riyals each while the private taxi to and fro will cost approx. 55 riyals when run by a meter or more. 


>> Firstly don't invest energy shopping as this not the motivation behind why you are going to Makkah. 

>> Still in the event that you have to get some chocolates or other sweets, you can visit Bin Dawood departmental store in the back side of the Masjid. 

>> The rates of dates in Makkah are comparatively expensive, you can obtain better quality and charges in Medina. 

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