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Top Tourist Attractions in Liechtenstein


Top Tourist Attractions in Liechtenstein

The picturesque country of Liechtenstein resides between Switzerland and Austria. It is an amazing country with favorable tax laws and strong economic power. This country has great importance during the Roman times. Liechtenstein is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Schengen area where visitors can apply Schengen visa to enter the country. This country is a wonderful destination with hiking trails, ski and winter activities, historic castles, galleries and much more to have an eye on. This holiday season discover the marvelous land and top tourist attractions in Liechtenstein. 

Vaduz – Capital City

Vaduz is a home of most attractive tourist attractions including charming shopping centers, world class dining, historic architecture and castles. It resides along the beautiful River Rhine offering spectacular view to the tourists. As the capital of Liechtenstein, it is an important place for net banking and commerce. Vaduz Castle is a well known and stunning castle that is also the residence of the Liechtenstein Prince. The magnificent castle was established in the 12th century and named after the capital, Vaduz. The tourists can enjoy the splendor of Vaduz during their holiday season. 

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KunstMuseum Liechtenstein

KunstMuseum is a gem of contemporary art that displays fine masterpieces of voguish artwork and sculptures and collection of the 19th century. Various exhibitions are held in the museum all around the year to showcase the modern art and collection of old reign. Some objects also display the royal collection of Liechtenstein Prince. The complex box shape and Black concrete in the building of Museum is a subtle beauty and great appeal for the tourists. 

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Malbun is a world famous winter resort that is also inhabited in the summer season. It is a paradise for sports enthusiasts with an excellent ski area and ideal snow conditions. The first ski lift was established here in the 1960s that draw a large number of tourists in the Alps. There are three lifts placed that take the skiers to 2000m high from the ground level. In the summer season the visitors can enjoy hiking, climbing and biking in the beautiful slopes of the valley. Malbun is a premium destination for winter as well as summer holidays. There is a park for the children Malbi Park Kinderland where they can have their own activities and exciting ways to enjoy. The tourists must add this stunning landscape in their bucket list while having a tour at the Liechtenstein.  

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Liechtenstein National Museum

Liechtenstein National Museum is a famous attraction for tourists in Vaduz. This traditional building displays the preserved of 15th century and exhibits prehistory, ancient weapons and religious art. One reason for its fame is that once this museum is visited by Johann Wolfgang in the 18th century. The Postal Museum is a branch of Liechtenstein National Museum that showcases postal stamps and history of postal services in the country. The collection of articles in the museum describes the development of the country in various aspects.  The National Museum of Liechtenstein is a must see destination to add into your bucket list. 

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The Red House – Prince Winery

With its vibrant hue and amazing tower, the Red House is an iconic destination for tourists in Liechtenstein. It is a famous milestone in the capital that was established in the 15th century since then it has been passed in many hands and renovated in the 18th century. The Red House looks the foremost and suspicious vineyards in the Liechtenstein. The people of the country don’t find it difficult to choose their favorite wine as the land offers them with the finest options. This country is famous in producing high quality wine. The Prince of Liechtenstein’s winery is the most popular in the country where the visitors are allowed to freely taste and purchase the fine wines. 

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