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Health Requirements for Umrah in Ramadan


Health Requirements for Umrah in Ramadan

The holy pilgrimage to Makkah in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ramadan is the peak time for Umrah. A large number of Muslims from all around the world make their way to this sacred land for Umrah. As the devotees come from various parts of the world so pilgrims are advised to take care of their health against deadly infections and diseases. 

Umrah Health Requirements

The Ministry of Health has settled some health requirements for the pilgrims of Umrah that they must meet in order to get an entry visa for Umrah. These health requirements are the following: 

1-Yellow Fever

As per the International Health Regulations 2005, all visitors landing from nations or territories in danger of yellow fever must present a substantial yellow fever inoculation authentication demonstrating that the individual was immunized at any rate 10 days and at most 10 years before landing in the fringe. In the event of the nonappearance of such an endorsement, the individual will be put under severe reconnaissance for 6 days from the date of vaccination or the last date of potential introduction to disease, whichever is prior. Wellbeing workplaces at passage focuses will be answerable for advising the suitable Director General of Health Affairs in the district or governorate about the impermanent spot of habitation of the guest. 

2-Meningococcal Meningitis

Travelers landing with the end goal of Umrah or journey (Hajj) or for regular work are required to present a testament of inoculation with the quadrivalent (ACYW135) antibody against meningitis given close to 3 years and no under 10 days before appearance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Umrah. The mindful experts in the guest's nation of starting point ought to guarantee that grown-ups and kids beyond 2 1 years old are given 1 portion of the quadrivalent polysaccharide (ACYW135) antibody.


All travelers landing from polio-endemic nations and restored transmission nations, to be specific, Afghanistan, Chad, Nigeria and Pakistan, paying little heed to age and inoculation status, ought to get 1 portion of oral polio vaccination (OPV). Verification of polio immunization in any event a month and a half preceding takeoff is required for visitors from polio-endemic and restored transmission nations to apply for a section visa for Saudi Arabia and visitors will likewise get 1 portion of OPV at outskirt focuses on appearance in Saudi Arabia. Similar prerequisites are legitimate for explorers from as of late endemic nations at high risk of re-importation of poliovirus, for example India.  

4-Seasonal Influenza 

The Saudi Ministry of Health suggests that global travelers be inoculated against occasional flu before appearance into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially those at expanded danger of extreme flu infections, including pregnant ladies, youngsters under 5 years, the older, and people with basic wellbeing conditions, for example, HIV/AIDS, asthma, and ceaseless heart or lung ailments. In Saudi Arabia, seasonal flu immunization is prescribed for inside pilgrims, especially those in danger portrayed above, and all human services laborers in the Hajj premises.

Health Education

Health experts in nation of origin are required to give data to travelers on irresistible sicknesses manifestations, strategies for transmission, complexities, and methods for anticipation.

Food Items

Hajj and Umrah pilgrims are not permitted to bring new nourishment into Saudi Arabia. Just appropriately canned or fixed nourishment or food put away in compartments with simple access for review is permitted in little amounts, adequate for one individual for the span of their excursion.  

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