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Top Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg


Top Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country with significant diversity that attracts tourists from all around the world. The population of this tiny country is just under 600000 and it covers around 1650 square kilometers. Luxembourg is a member of Schengen countries that can be easily explored by holding Schengen visa. The vibrant small towns, picturesque countryside, lovely castles, and ancient fortresses make it an irresistible place to add in holiday destination. The tourists will find a wealth of charming and marvelous scenery that are merged in one place making it easy to discover amazing sights. Luxembourg is an ideal destination for the lover of open air and natural views. The tourists can make a trip to this charming country and enjoy their vacations in this multicultural land. 

The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City

The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City is a beautiful historic place that is a part of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The city is famed for its amazing fortifications that remind the charm of old world is worth visiting if you are in Luxembourg. These old places are now converted to spectacular parks and gardens where the tourists can spend their time and have an eye at the ancient sights. The most delightful experience for the tourists is to wander through the tree lined cobbled streets and enjoys the lush green beauty around and scenic bridges. 

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National Museum of History and Art – Luxembourg City 

Luxembourg City is one of the Europe’s most historical places holding standard quality of museums. This museum is located near the area of Fish Market. The museum comprises a stunning building that contains archeological findings, ancient furniture, coins, historical documents and art collection. The collection of Gallo-Roman period presents the history of Luxembourg from the 16th to the 20th centuries. The museum also showcases the visual art objects of some most famed artists of the 20th century. The National Museum of History and Art is a great place to explore for art lovers. 

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Grand Ducal Palace 

The Grand Ducal Palace is a glamorous architecture dating from the 16th century that is also an official residence of the king of the country. Despite of the home of the Grand Duke, the great palace is available to visit for the tourists in the specific hours from July 15th to September 2nd. The visitors can take tickets from the Luxembourg City Tourist Office and are guided in various languages while there are nine tours daily. The visitors can see the elegant interior, significant rooms, plush furniture and military ceremonial duties on the grounds of the grand palace. 

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Notre-Dame Cathedral 

The Notre-Dame is the only cathedral of the country that dates from the 17th century, built in the Gothic style and later Renaissance features were added. The three distinctive towers and Baroque angels around the tribune are great attractions for the tourists. The visitors can view the modern sculptures, most famed statue of Madonna and Jesus sitting on the altar. This cathedral is famous for the royal family graves that are guarded by the statues of two lions. The gate of cathedral is embellished with sparkling glass that gives a distinctive look. This cathedral is the finest sign of Gothic art that cannot be missed while visiting Luxembourg. 

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The Walls of Corniche

The most beautiful balcony of Europe, The Walls of Corniche offers spectacular view in Luxembourg City. The walls towers the old city of Luxembourg along the river valley. The most charming attraction is the Gate of the Grund that was established in 1632 that presents the history of ancient refugees and artistic architecture. There are a number of famous buildings dating from the 14th century that includes St. Michael’s Church, Abbey of Neumunstwe and ‘black virgin’. It is the most alluring destination for tourists to visit in their holiday season. 

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