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Covid-19 Special fights From UAE - PIA Airline Reservation


Until 28 April, around 14 flights have been scheduled to repatriate Pakistani citizens from the UAE.

As more such flights are scheduled so thousands of Pakistani citizens will reach home from the UAE.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has released a list according to which until 28 April, 14 flights in total have been scheduled. These special flights will benefit around 4,030 Pakistanis to get to their home.


The Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai will communicate those Pakistani citizens who have been selected to fly on these special flights. To purchase their tickets, they have to visit the Consulate.

Today, two PIA flights are scheduled to fly out 500 passengers from UAE to Lahore and Karachi.Two more flights are scheduled from UAE to Multan and Peshawar but the time of the flights is not revealed yet. On Saturday, on a PIA flight to Islamabad around 227 Pakistanis were repatriated to homeland.

The consulate of Pakistan in Dubai got more than 40,000 requests from Pakistani citizens who have requested to return to their homes.

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