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TAV Turkey to Construct New Terminal at Almaty International Airport - Visit Turkey


On Tuesday, an official said that Turkish airport builder and operator TAV would build a new terminal at Almaty International Airport in Kazakhstan that will cost around $162 million (EUR 150 million).


A deputy chief executive officer atTAV Airports, Serkan Kaptan, announced that the company is building a new facility in the existing Airport in Almaty, covering an area of 55,000 square meters (13.6 acres). This statement was declared after a meeting between officials and the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who arrived in the biggest city on May 12.


In mid-2022, the terminal will operate and serve around six million passengers annually. Officials believe that with the completion of this project, KazakhAirport will turn into the most significant air terminal in Central Asia.


According to the agreement, which cost the organisation $415 million, TAV Airports and its consortium accomplice VPECapital gained 100 per cent of the shares of the air terminal and related organisations. Simultaneously, TAV Airports' offer in the construction will beno under 75 per cent.


After TAV Airports consented to an offer by arrangement on May 8 to purchase the Almaty-based air terminal, the declaration was revealed.


Situated in the southeastern piece of Kazakhstan, Almaty International Airport is the most significant air terminal in the nation, with a traveller limit of around 6 million travellers every year. Kazakhstan'snational air transporter Air Astana, like Bek Air, SCAT Airlines, and QazakAir, use Almaty as their headquarters.


Set up in 1935, the air terminal positions 6th among the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) nations regarding traveller traffic. Starting in 2019, the setting served 6.4 million travellers, 13 per cent more than in an earlier year, just over 64,000 flights. Moreover, the air terminal dealt with 70,000 tons of freight in 2019.


In 1998, following a runway recreationAlmaty air terminal was granted a CAT II endorsement and the status of a universal air terminal. Presently, the air terminal is just accepting a couple of inbound trips because of the pandemic of novel coronavirus in the nation.


Authorities from the Turkish TAV see Almaty as a deliberate intersection with China's Belt and Road venture, associating China-Central with West Asia. Kazakhstan drives Central Asia's financial development and generally produces 60% of the locale's GDP, while Almaty is the nation's biggest city, controlling the 20% GDP of Kazakhstan.


According to the statement on the website, the President and CEO of TAV Airports, Sani Sener, said:

“We are happy to add Almaty airport,  the main transit hub between Asia and Europe, to our portfolio.”

He also added:

“We believe there is a significant potential for growth in Almaty Airport, and drawing upon our extensive know-how, we’ll work towards realising this potential to the fullest.”


TAV Airports offers coordinated assistance in every aspect of air terminal tasks, including food and drink, ground taking care, duty-free, IT, private security, and business region management. Almaty Airport will be the fifteenth air terminal in TAV'sworldwide network.

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