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Top Tourist Attractions in Netherlands


Top Tourist Attractions in Netherlands

The most stunning land in the Schengen area, Netherlands is an amazing country that is a treasure of diversity. It is packed with spectacular windmills, canals, eye-catching medieval castles, picturesque gardens and villages and rich heritage. The beautiful landscapes grab the tourists from all over the world. The tourists can visit this inspiring land by holding Schengen Visa. The visitors can also enjoy the free bike rides provided by some communities to explore the marvelous sights in the friendliest land of Europe. In the spring the gardens bloom in full swing and give an enchanting view that is the top attractions for the tourists. Here we have put some popular attractions in Netherlands that you should never miss to add in your travel bucket list. 

Canals of Amsterdam

The vibrant canal system in Amsterdam is a worth seeing attraction that gives an enchanting view and an amazing experience to the tourist with enduring memories. The canals were built in the golden age of Dutch during the 17th century forming a belt of waterways around the city.  These wonderful canals are spread almost 60 miles and comprised of 1500 bridges with eye-catching architecture. The visitors can explore the beautiful heritage, cafes and restaurants with unique and delicious cuisine, small boutique shops and charming gardens alongside the canals. The tourists love the monumental building with the canals that can be easily explored by boat or water taxi. If you are in the Netherlands you must visit the picturesque cluster of canals in Amsterdam. 

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Keukenhof Gardens

The most beautiful and the second largest garden in the world, Keukenhof is the greatest attraction for the tourists in the Netherlands. The magnificent spectacle of colorful flowers, Keukenhof was established in the 19th century. It can be said the land of tulips and “bulb belt” because of spectacular gardens of Europe that fully blooms in the spring season. The amazing garden compasses around 70 acres of land that presents an endless array of more than 700 varieties of most famous flower Tulips along with daffodils and other flowers,  blooming in full swing in the month of April and May. The tourists can enjoy marvelous exhibitions of flowers and amazing restaurants with mouth-watering meal.  

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The Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands and an endless treasure of art holds amazing collection of paintings giving a glimpse at the 17th century that is known as the Golden Age of Dutch. The tourists can view the rarest collection of art and antiquities in a wide library. The museum consists of 250 rooms, a library with 35000 books, a unique collection of traditional Dutch culture, medieval sculptures and signs of modern art. This prestigious museum is a great destination for art lovers with wonderful collection of more than 5000 impressive paintings.

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Windmills of Kinderdijk

The fantastic destination for tourists is Windmills of Kinderdijk that are preserved since the 18th century. The 19 windmills are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that are the largest windmills of the Netherlands. The magical 92 feet sails are open in April and closed in October, during this season the visitors can view the amazing sails in motion. This is a scenic sight near between Rotterdam and Dordrecht in the village of Kinderdijk whose Dutch meaning is “Children’s Dike”. These picturesque windmills are must see places to visit if you are in the Netherlands and admire the idiosyncratic scenery. 

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Zeeland’s Dikes – Delta Project

The Delta project is the wonderful engineering work that protects the area of the Rhine, Maas and Schelde rivers that is below sea level. The massive structure of spectacular dikes is made to protect the area from the flood with modern techniques. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, a series of construction comprising hi-tech dams, locks, sluices, barriers and dikes. This amazing structure was built during 1950 to 1997 and its purpose was to protect the lands of the area from the sea. The tourists must add this wonderful land into their travel bucket list for a memorable holiday season. 

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