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Top Tourist Attractions in Norway


Top Tourist Attractions in Norway

The land of world-renowned fjords and medieval art towns, Norway is waiting to be explored. This beautiful country is filled with stunning mountains, wonderful glaciers and waterfalls and lush green natural sceneries. Norway is an incredible place to visit that offers a lot to the tourists such as a breathtaking view of the northern lights, rich culture and history and fantastic mountains capes. It is one of the Schengen countries where the visitors can visit by applying Schengen visa. This is a great place for your sightseeing excursions and entertainment in the holiday season. Here I have listed some of the top tourist attractions in the prosperous land of Norway.


Norway is famous worldwide for its spectacular network of fjords that offer finest scenery. As a part of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Geirangerfjord boasts amazing views with lush mountains and great views. It is located at the height of 1495 in the southwestern Norway and easily accessible to the tourists. The tourists can enjoy the sights on numerous cruises. The magical Geirangerfjord is surrounded by picturesque cliffs and deep blue water gives natural peaceful feelings to the tourists. This is the most popular attraction holding breathtaking views for the visitors from all around the world. 

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Pulpit Rock 

Pulpit Rock is located near Stavanger is a wonderful destination that cannot be missed while visiting Norway. This is an ideal place for sports lover and active visitors. It is a flat-topped cliff that is 600 meter high above the deep blue water. The visitors can easily reach the place by bus and ferries and can enjoy the spectacular view around the Pulpit Rock. The best time for hiking is from April to October where the tourist can enjoy the alluring sights. 

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Tromso is the northernmost area in Norway that is top destination for the spectacular view of Northern Lights, midnight sun and whale spotting. It was established in the 13th century where the fishing industry has grown up and contributed largely in the charm and fame of the area. Tromso is located at 349 kilometers from the Arctic Circle to the north side. Tourists can also view the most popular attraction as Polaria Centre, Polar Museum and a garden dedicated to traditional medicinal plants. Tromso is surrounded by amazing fjords and steep mountains where the tourists can admire the breathtaking natural views. 

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Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands is located near the Arctic Circle forming an archipelago, with a mild climate is a popular destination for tourists. This amazing place covers almost everything for the visitors from stunning beaches to picturesque fishing villages, from kayak to hiking and enjoys seeing the wildlife. It is the best place to view the glimpse of alluring Northern Lights. Some more attractions in the area include Lofoten War Museum and quirky Magic Ice displaying the sculptures about the lifestyle of locals. The tourist can also enjoy the mouth-watering local meal such as seafood and lamb at the beaches filled with white sand. 

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Viking Ships Museum – Oslo

Viking Ships Museum resides in Oslo and is the largest museum in the Norway presenting the seafaring ancestors.  The best preserved wooden ships collection here gives insights at the Viking’s life in the 9th century. One of the wonderful items in the museum is 70 feet long Oseberg Ship that war built in 800 AD. The museum holds most amazing ships like 23 meters long Gokstad ship and the Tune Ship. The tourists can enjoy the various Viking Age exhibitions, cultural art and several films at the museum. 

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