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Top Tourist Attractions in Slovakia


Top Tourist Attractions is Slovakia

Slovakia is an amazing land that is rich in architectural grandeur and one of the most spectacular countries in central Europe. It is a land of majestic ancient castles, magnificent cities, famous spas and geothermal waters that are a great appeal for tourists from all over the globe. Slovakia is one of the Schengen countries where the visitors can go by applying Schengen visa. The stunning Slovakia presents a vibrant blend of winding streets, café culture, open air museum, frozen lakes and sprawling lush green forests. Slovakia is a perfect tourist destination in the holiday season. Here I have listed below some of the top tourist attractions in an exquisite country of Slovakia. 


Bratislava became the capital of Slovakia around 25 years ago and it is the most fascinating border city in Europe. It remained under the rule of Hungarian Kingdom so occupies rich history of Budapest. This famous capital is surrounded by the wonderful landscapes and standout sights. The Bratislava castle dominates the city with historic old houses and best preserved town fortification system. The tourists can also enjoy beautiful palaces, museums and reminders of turbulent history in the city. 

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Spis Castle

Spis Castle is among the biggest castle in Europe and most important monuments that are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This magical palace was established around 900 years ago on a travertine rock along the countryside. The magnificent castle was built in the 12th century in the Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque architecture that is spread over 10 acres of area. The tourists can view the beautiful landscapes around the castle and explore the marvelous place by planning a day trip here. They can also visit the museum inside presenting the castle’s old history and amazing views of ancient walls. 

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Slovak Paradise National Park

Slovak Paradise National Park is a must visit attraction in Slovakia as it offers spectacular views at natural reserves and wildlife. The amazing park was opened for tourists in 1988 where they can have a great entertaining tour. The park is filled with picturesque waterfalls and lakes, beautiful canyons and dense forest where the visitor can enjoy hiking or simply admire the natural beauty around. The most interesting and appealing thing about this park is its steps and ladders that are made on the riverbeds and mountains so that the visitors can easily explore the area.

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Thermal SPA in Jasna

One of the most exciting and relaxing things to do in Slovakia is enjoy thermal relax. The tourists can visit the most famous ski resort in Jasna with cable cars and lifts where they can enjoy skiing and snowboarding and after these activities they can relax in the world class wellness centres and spas. It is one of the finest places to enjoy the sports as well as relaxation. After having fun in the snow it is great to dip your body into the warm pool or having hot sauna. 

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Dating back to the 13th century, Kosice is an incredible city rich in history and reminding to medieval time period. The picturesque city of Kosice resides near the border of Hungary. It holds breathtaking attractions for culture and history lovers and amazing Kosice Zoo for the children. One of the most famous structures in the city is the St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral that was built in 1380 and dominates the area with heighted towers. Kosice is an absolute and must see attraction that must be explored while visiting the diverse land of Slovakia. 

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