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Top Tourist Attractions in France


 Top Tourist Attractions in France

France is the most famous tourist’s destination in the world having 37 UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is the land of love with its contemporary and romantic styles attracting visitors from all over the world. The beautiful picturesque villages, fairytale castles, historic sites, art masterpieces, stunning beaches and world famous cuisine with exotic cheeses and wines are irresistible for the tourists to visit the most charming country of the world. France resides in the Schengen zone so the visitors can apply schengen visa to have a tour to this amazing land. Have a look at the most appealing attractions of the France. 

Eiffel Tower

The mesmerizing Eiffel Tower is standing in the heart of the Paris. It was designed by Gustave Eiffel in the 1889 that compasses 8000 metallic parts. The 320 meters high tower is also known as “Iron Lady” is the most beloved destination of the tourists around the globe. The first levels of Eiffel Towers are opened for the visitors that presents spectacular and mind blowing view of the city of Paris. The light show in the night dominates the skyline of the city and most lovely sight for the tourists. 

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Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum is the second most visited museum in the world that is great attraction for the tourists in Paris. This amazing museum owes 35000 art pieces including fantastic antiques and ancient sculptures. It has an impressive art collection and spectacular entrance. It is the place of the most famed exhibits including Mona Lisa, Napoleon III’s apartments, Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and the Venus de Milo. 

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Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles displays the glorious history of French monarchy. This Palace is designed in elegant Baroque style and lavishing interior that shows the standard of princely courts in Europe. The astounding Palace of Versailles features the Hall of Mirrors, charming fountains and French gardens. This magnificent Palace is one of the largest Palace in the France and a must see attraction for the tourists. 

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Mont Saint Michel

On the coast of Normandy, the dramatic Mont Saint Michel stands on the rocky mountain in an island. It is well preserved Norman Benedictine Abbey that is surrounded by medieval town. The striking and spectacular landmark is the most famous religious site in Europe. Mont Saint Michel is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also known as The Heavenly Jerusalem due to inspiring serenity. 

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Disneyland, Paris 

Disneyland in the Paris is an amazing entertainment place that is the most admiring and famous attraction for the tourists from all around the world. It was opened in 1992 covering an area of 4800 acres. This stunning land comprises various parks, shopping centers and wondering sections for entertainment. The most popular thing is Walt Disney studios where Caribbean’s ride is amazing that is based on Hollywood film Pirates of Caribbean’s. 

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St Tropez 

St Tropez is a resort community that was used as military defense once. Now a days it is famous as an artistic community that is a playground for voguish style, fashion models and millionaires. St Tropez comprises stylish beaches that are a lovely destination for sunbathers and tourists who come for windsurfing, water sports and boating. In the summer film festivals presents the picturesque view of the village. 

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