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Must Visit Attractions in China


Must Visit Attractions in China

The wonderful land of China is a vast and diverse country that holds a wealth of incredible places to visit and explore. China is the third most visited country in the world that is a dream destination of every visitor and offers a lot to everyone. China is an enchanting land that is a treasure trove of magnificent cultural sites, eye-catching natural landscapes, fabulous mountains, inspiring temples, stunning waterfalls and ancient towns to explore and admire. The tourists can enjoy the efficient transport system, luxurious and affordable accommodation and amazing restaurants offering delicious dishes. Take a trip to China if you want to see and admire the man-made wonders and picturesque landscapes. Scroll down to have a look at the must visit attractions in China. 

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is the iconic landmark in China that is also known as one of the wonders of the world. The magnificent Great Wall of China is a unique monument that is spread over 6000 kilometers. The tourists can visit the three sections of the Great Wall, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Gansu that are best preserved parts. This longest wall in the world is the symbol of ancient defensive architecture that offers awe-inspiring scenery. The construction of the Great Wall was started by the First Emperor of China and it includes beacon towers, guard towers, stairways, battlements and bridges. The Great Wall is the most popular tourist attraction that is near to Beijing and easily accessible from there. The Great Wall should be at the top of travel bucket list while visiting China. 

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The Forbidden City 

The Forbidden City also famed as the Imperial Palace is one of the five most important palaces in the world that was also used as the residence for 24 Emperors. This palace is located in the heart of Beijing covers around 720,000 square meters and a 10 meter high wall protects it with various watch towers and a wide trench. The Imperial Palace also includes a Palace Museum that displays the antique collection and artifacts from the dynasties of Ming and Qing. The palace comprises almost 8000 rooms with elegant golden roofs that cause a great appeal to the tourists. It is an iconic symbol of Chinese architecture that was once forbidden for entry of ordinary people. This splendid palace is the most loved destination for tourists due to its historical and cultural grandeur. 

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Cruising the Li River – Guilin

One of the top water wonders in the world and enchanting Li River is a great photographic destination for tourists. The most amazing experience of exploring this spectacular countryside and surrounding Karst Mountains is to take a cruise in the Li River. This fairy tale destination is the favorite spot of the poets and artists and visited by several most famed personalities as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and George Bush. The breath-taking natural beauty and stunning landscapes capture the heart of the tourists and make them feel as they are in a Paradise.  

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The Gardens of Suzhou

The picturesque city of Suzhou has around 80 historic gardens that are also considered as one of the members of UNESCO World Heritage sites. These splendid gardens were established in the 11th century with almost 270 plants. These famous gardens are comprised of various interesting architectures, a pool, man-made hill, lovely covered paths, a grove of peach trees and almost 300 carved stones of various Chinese characters. Classical Gardens of Suzhou must not be missed while exploring the wonderful land of China. 

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The Terracotta Army 

In the 1970s the local farmers of Xi’an were digging wells and they found this significant archeological site, the Terracotta Army. This amazing site dates back to around 280 BC and incorporates more than 8000 clay warriors, 520 horses and 100 chariots and several numerous characters. The clay army remained underground for almost 2000 years so various sculptures were damaged. In 1987 this site was designated as a World Cultural Heritage and also famed as the 8th wonder of the World.  To view the assembly of the clay soldiers is an unforgettable and interesting experience for the tourists. 

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