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How to Perform Umrah - A step by step Guide


How to Perform Umrah? – A step by step Guide

The holy deed of Umrah can be said a “Minor Hajj” or “Minor Pilgrimage” that can be performed at any time in the year. It is the beautiful Sunnah of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and an act of worship of ALLAH that is performed to please the Almighty. The rites of Umrah are simpler and shorter than the rituals of Hajj and can be performed anytime during the year. The following guide will be helpful in performing Umrah easily. 

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There are four main pillars of Umrah:

>  Ihram

>  Tawaaf

>  Sayee between Safa and Marwah

>  Cutting of Hair

1- Ihram 

The first and foremost part is making the intention to perform Umrah. After taking a proper and complete bath, change clothes and put up the Ihram. Men wear the two clothes Ridaa and Izaar and women can wear any clothes that cover their bodies.  After putting the Ihram offer two rakat of Sunnah prayer. The believer must recite the following words and Talbiyah at Meeqat. 

Image result for niyat of umrah in arabic

The pilgrim enters into Ihram after reciting the Talbiyah. 

2- Tawaaf 

On reaching at Masjid-al-Haram, enter with the right foot and recite the following dua:

Image result for tawaf dua

After reciting the above prayer the pilgrim can start the Tawaaf by touching and kissing the Black stone, if it is not possible then face toward the stone or simple place the right hand toward the Black stone and start Tawaf of the House of ALLAH (SWT). Start the Tawaaf by taking the rounds around the Kaaba seven times. After finishing the rounds of Tawaf, offer two rakat of prayers behind the station of Ibrahim (Maqaam e Ibrahim).  After offering prayer head back to the Black Stone and touch it if possible. 

3- Sayee between Safa and Marwa

After performing Tawaaf, pilgrims should head to the area of Sayee. They should face the Kaaba and recite the following prayer:

Image result for dua at safa and marwah

At Safa, The Holy Prophet (PBUH) recited the following dua as Praise:

Image result for dua at safa and marwah

The pilgrim should run between the green lights and complete the seven circuits from Safa to Marwa. 

4- Cutting of Hair

After completing the Sayee, it is mandatory for the pilgrims to cut the hair off. The men are required to cut the hairs of entire head equally and women are required to cut the hair at the length of a fingertip. After completing this last rite, the Umrah is finished. 

Remember us in your prayers. May ALLAH Almighty accept your good deeds and Umrah, Ameen.

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