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Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Azerbaijan


Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan is also known as the “Land of Fire” is an incredible country where east meets the west. This inspiring country is located on the Caspian Sea is a hidden gem of ancient mosques, minarets, seaside resorts and offers much more to enjoy. This stunning tourist destination is gaining much fame as it is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Azerbaijan is a major tourist destination where visitors can have a glimpse at the fantastic contemporary entertainment and classical history. You can also view the Russian influence in the Islamic culture of this country as it was the former Soviet nation. Have a look at some of the awesome and most visited destinations in Azerbaijan.

Baku – The Capital 

The alluring city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan that is dominated by skyscrapers and glowing nightlife. The spectacular city of Baku lies on the Caspian Sea and presents a mixture of old and modern architecture that is a great appeal for the tourists. One of the most enchanting skyscrapers is the Flame Tower that must not be missed while visiting Baku. It displays an amazing bronzed glow show at night in various colors dominating the skyline of the capital. The glittering capital in the Caucasus region offers a lot of exciting experiences to relax and enjoy. The tourists can find almost everything here from fine shopping places to luxurious hotels and restaurants where they can enjoy the delicious local cuisine scene. 

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Maiden Tower

The Maiden Tower is the most historical and iconic landmark in Azerbaijan that is designated a part of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is said that the tower was built in the 12th century and served as Zoroastrian temple and also as a watch tower. The Maiden Tower comprises the 29 meters high structure and spiral stairs to reach the top of the tower. The visitors can enjoy the breath-taking and stunning view of the old town and Baku Bay from the top of the tower. There are various multimedia illustrations embellished on many floors of the tower is a great appeal to tourists. It is the most significant and dominant architecture that must be visited while exploring Azerbaijan.  

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Shirvanshah Palace 

The Palace of Shirvanshah is one of the splendid architectural pieces of the country and it is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is located in the Icheri Sheher and said that this palace was the ruling dynasty for around 800 years. The Palace of Shirvanshah is comprised of sandstone walls, a mosque, burial vaults, Diwan Khana and the Mausoleum. The palace was carefully restored in 2003 and various entertainment surprises were added for the tourists so that they can easily explore and admire the beauty of this spectacular palace. 

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Ateshgah Temple – The Fire Temple

Ateshgah Temple is also known as the Fire Temple is located near the capital Baku in Surakhany. This striking temple dates back to the 18th century when Hindus came to Baku to sell their products such as Indian machines and items made of wood. In 1998, the Ateshgah Temple was designated as a World Heritage site. The Fire Temple is now converted into a museum that incorporated various stone cells in a triangular courtyard. It is said to be the place of Worship of Indian Shiva devotees as there can be seen the inscriptions in Punjabi and Sanskrit. The tourists can easily reach the Fire Temple by taking a bus from the Ulduz metro station in Baku.  

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Heydar Aliyev Center 

In 2014, the majestic and impressive structure of Heydar Aliyev has won the “Design of the Year” award. This magnificent building was built by Zaha Hadid (famous architect) and named after the ruler of Azerbaijan during Soviet era, Heydar Aliyev. This inspiring center consists of memorial gallery of Heydar Aliyev, library halls, concert halls, conference hall and world-class restaurant. The structure of the building consists of abstract peaks and waves that make a style statement in the structures of the 21st century. This photographic and outstanding building is a must see attraction while having a tour in Azerbaijan.

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