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Top Tourist Attractions in Indonesia


Top Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

An immense treasure of stunning landscapes and world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia is calling you to explore this fascinating land. It holds a great diversity of cultures, history, natural beauty and adventurous destinations for the tourists. There are a lot of things to do such as hiking active volcanoes, dive in the delights of Bali, touring to ancient temples and wandering through the city streets. Indonesia is a gem of more than 18000 islands and natural scenery that attracts visitors from all around the globe. The tourists must not miss this amazing country as their tour will be awe-inspiring and full of joy. Have a look at the top tourist destinations in Indonesia. 

Bali Beaches 

Bali is a picturesque and world famous tourist spot full of fun activities that must be visited in holiday season. It can be said the land of beaches with white sand and clear blue waters. The visitors can enjoy the cultural activities and water sports alongside wandering on the sandy coastline. You can also admire the luxurious hotels, restaurants, day spas and yoga retreats as it is the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. Bali is one of the top honeymoon destinations as it is packed with romantic scenery that shows a picture of paradise. Nusa Dua and Kuta are the well-known beaches in Bali that must be visited while exploring this stunning area. 

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The unique structure and carvings of Borobudur is a wonderful attraction to visit in Indonesia. This significant cultural architecture is an ancient temple that was constructed in the 8th century. Borobudur is situated near the city of Yogyakarta and regarded as the biggest Buddhist site in the world. It is also a member of UNESCO World Heritage sites due to its captivating structure and historical offerings. If you visit this complex at sunrise it will give a really stunning and breathtaking sight. Borobudur offers religious, aesthetic and cultural charms that are greatly adored by the visitors. 

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Mount Bromo 

The dangerous beauty of active volcano of Mount Bromo offers incredible views and stunning sightseeing experience. You can still see the white smoke coming out of violent eruptions in the mountain. Bromo is the well famed peak in Java situated at 7641 feet and a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The visitors can view the glorious sun rise every morning with magnificent show by an active volcano. The Bromo mount can be observed from the Pananjakan or the tourists can go ahead to the peak to view this boiling hole. It is a great destination for hiking and sightseeing that must be at the top of every traveler’s bucket list. 

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Tana Toraja 

A visit to this cultural site of Tana Toraja shows the time-honored and long lasting traditions of Indonesia. The outstanding boat shaped architecture of buildings is a great attraction for the visitors that make them feel as they are stepped far back in the past. The most captivating thing in Tana Toraja is that they celebrate the deaths by elaborating ceremonies with food and traditional dance. The people in this area live in their traditions and they are really friendly and welcoming. It is the most fascinating retreat for the tourists due to majestic mountains and tribe’s enchanting traditions. 

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Lake Toba

Toba Lake is the biggest volcanic lake in the world that is a wonderful natural attractions. It is spread almost 1145 square kilometers having depth of around 450 meters. It is considered that lake was formed around 77000 years ago as a result of catastrophic eruption. Volcanic activity still can be observed in the lake. Some beautiful islands have also appeared on the surface of water due to volcanic eruption. The visitors can enjoy various water activities such as fishing, swimming, canoeing and water skiing. They can also experience sightseeing the eye-catching landscapes by wandering through the area around the lake.

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