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Cheap Countries to Travel in 2019


Cheap Countries to Travel in 2019

If you want to explore the world without breaking your budget you can do so by traveling to cheap countries. There are various incredible countries that offer great sightseeing choices and exciting fun experiences within affordable expenses. Most of the countries in Asia and Eastern Europe are the best backpack destinations where you can find some real adventure and still save your money. To fully enjoy the holiday season travel does not need to be expensive so here are some top picks that you can explore without smashing your bank.


 Mexico is known as the cheap beach holiday destination that is equally beautiful and a cultural treasure. In this amazing country the tourists can enjoy seeing the barren deserts, tropical rainforests, majestic landscapes, rugged mountains, ancient Mayan cities, resort towns and endless attractions to explore. It is one of the most loved destinations and 8th most visited place that is explored by a large number of tourists each year. 

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Turkey is one of the most famous tourist destinations with the most fascinating capital Istanbul that is a real jewel of the country. It is a wonderful diverse place that holds spectacular ancient and historical ruins and various glorious architectures that grasp a lot of visitors. In this stunning land you can find incredible Islamic culture, delicious cuisine, turquoise beaches, buzzing bazaars and amazingly friendly and welcoming people. It is an affordable and cheap place to be explored in your holiday season for a memorable and adventurous tour. 

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The Philippines

The Philippines is a wonderful country having more than 7000 islands can also said to be the best affordable destination for the visitors. It is not only packed up with the tropical beaches but also holding diverse culture, staggering palm trees and adventurous jungles. The tourists can also enjoy sightseeing the ancient rice terraces in the North side and picturesque natural landscapes. 

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Nepal is a budget friendly tourist destination that is steeped in lovely mountains, astonishing ancient temples, captivating rural life and scenic outdoors. It is a favorite destination for adventure lovers, daring climbers and even for those who want to enjoy a walk through the lush scenery. It can also said to be one of the cheapest mountain trekking places in the world. The Nepalese are very kind-hearted and friendly in nature and welcome a lot of visitors each year with great heart. 

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Colombia is an affordable tourist attraction that is filled with urban and rural charm. This enchanting country holds great biodiversity, endearing colonial towns and rich in history and culture. The visitors can also enjoy beach activities in cheap rates and emerged as a delightful destination. You can view the incredible Pacific and Atlantic coasts and the Amazon rainforests. It looks like a Paradise for nature lovers where they can also view some of the largest palm trees in the world. The visitors can also enjoy affordable transportation system and easily reach to famous attractions. 

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