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Top Tourist Attractions in Berlin Germany


For those wanting to diversity into day journeys, fancy architecture is calling them to come to Berlin, Germany. Your visit to Berlin will definitely worth your time whether you are an art lover, want to see museums, cathedrals and opera and historical places, all the fabulous decisions are here. Berlin is the capital of Germany and also most fascinating travel destination in Europe where you can reach with Schengen Visa. This city was adversely smashed throughout WWII but it has renovated itself into a global town with diverse culture and design. Explore with us the highest travel attractions in Berlin Germany.

How to reach Berlin?

Schengen Visa is necessary to enter the city. Schengen area includes 26 countries so if you are visiting for a trip or business for a short time then you can enter the Schengen area with this visa. 
The embassy of Germany is located in the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad from where you can get your visa issued. 
You can also get travel insurance to make your journey safe and protective. 
Visa will be granted before some weeks of your flight to Germany. 

Top Tourists Attraction in Berlin

  1. Brandenburg Gate

Berlin’s signature fascination is the Brandenburg Gate that was built in 1791. This gate is a doorway to Unter den Linden, the western part of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate underwent to intensive renovation in early 2000’s as it was severely damaged in WWII. It also symbolizes the reunion of East and West Berlin after the war. It remained the center of protest during the war.  It is amongst one of the most known landmarks in Europe because of the wealth of history and art. This gate is a great appeal to the visitors.  

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  1. Berlin Television Tower

The locals of the city know the Berlin Television Tower as “Fernsehturm”. This tower is the tallest building in Germany that stands out of the skyline at 368 meters. The building was built in 1960’s and was a real engineering marvel at the time of its construction. It provides a spectacular view of the city as visitors can enjoy 360º panorama of town. Berlin TV Tower is a rich building where the visitors can enjoy breathtaking views along with the drinks and delicious meal. 

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  1. Berlin Cathedral

There are several marvelous churches to behold in Berlin, however the Berlin Cathedral is the largest and one of the foremost spectacular among all. It was built in the beginning of the twentieth century as the way to precise the imperial power of Germany. The major purpose of pride of the cathedral is that it is still used for non secular services. If you visit the Berlin Cathedral, you will be able to climb the highest dome and revel in views from the cathedral once itinerant the inside. Berlin Cathedral with a brilliant dome is an outstanding example of nineteenth century design.

  1. Charlottenburg Palace

The most important place in the Berlin that cannot be missed is Charlottenburg Palace. It is situated in Berlin’s town West district. It was built in the 17th century. This palace is a great place to visit having Baroque vogue, lovely gardens and outside sculptures. The visitors can see the voguish residences of town, collection of ceramic ware, crown jewels, royal silver and paintings.

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  1. Museum Island

The Museum Island is comprised of five museums. This building is situated between the Spree River and Kupfergraben, giving a glimpse of history and WWII. Like several other structures it was also destroyed during the war but is renovated and currently opens for the public. The Altes museum shows the Roman ancient art and assortments of 19th century along paintings and sculptures in European nation. It also displays Egyptian art together with the bust of Queen Nefertiti. Greek antiquities are also displayed in the museum. The Ishtar Gate and Pergamon Altar are also situated here. 

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  1. Reichstag

Reichstag is one of the modernized buildings with a glass dome from where visitors can look out an impressive read of the town. There are also various presidency buildings within the section of Reichstag. It is a historic landmark that is also the seat of German Parliament. The battle of Berlin caused a good deal of harm to the building but it is repaired with the mixture of designs. The most famous architecture of Berlin “Brandenburg Gate” is also situated near the Reichstag. 

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  1. Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is a vivacious corner of Berlin where the visitors can find almost everything such as art, entertainment, shopping and great fun. After the destruction of war it was restored into a contemporary landmark with towers and arcade. The Daimler Chrysler presents diverse art and Sony Centre displays a Cinema, Film deposit, shopping attractions and a 3D IMAX theater. The Sony Centre, skyscrapers and endless retailers dominates the town. European art work and all enthusiasts can be found in the Potsdamer Platz. 

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  1. Potsdam

It is situated outside the border of Berlin and is the foremost excursion from the capital. Until 1918, this building was the royal residence of the Emperor of Prussia. The great attraction of this place is network of interconnected lakes, palaces and royal landmarks. The first portion of building is a rococo vogue palace with simply 10 rooms that is perked up just higher than a vinery to represent the harmony of man with nature. 

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  1. Tropical Islands Resort

Tropical Islands Resort consists of an ancient aeroplane structure that is the largest indoor pool in Europe.  The structure was designed as zeppelin however it had been meant to deal with that was never built. This resort was sold out to a Malaysian corporation in 2003 and they used this huge building to form a Tropical Islands Resort, complete with a village, a rainforest, lake and a tropical pool. The resort is supposed to charm to adults and youngsters, with exhibitions on natural timberland life, interesting games for kids and a vapor bath and spa for adults. This place can be easily accessed on train that runs from the station. 

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