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Umrah Guide for Women


Umrah Guide for Women

Umrah is a deed of pleasing ALLAH Almighty and seeking his forgiveness. Women can perform Umrah like men but there are some rules that the females must have to follow during their pilgrimage. In this article you will have a clear guide for women to perform Umrah with all the basic requirements and rules. You can also read the step-by-step guide to perform Umrah “How to perform Umrah? A step by step Guide”. 

Umrah rules for Women

  • The woman must go with a “mahram” to perform Umrah. A female is not permitted to perform Umrah alone. If a woman applied without a male passport the visa application will be rejected.

  • An old lady of age 45 years is allowed to perform Umrah alone but still she has to travel with an organized group and submit NOC from a mahram. 

  • There is no need of special Ihram for a woman; she only has to properly cover herself. She can wear stitched and regular clothing during Umrah. She is also not required to cover her face. 

  • A female is not required to perform Talbiyah and Ramal like men. 

  • A woman should keep a safe distance from men if there is a rush in Kaaba. 

  • She can offer Nafal prayer anywhere in the Kaaba during rush hours. 

  • A woman is required to abstain from performing Umrah during her menstrual cycle. 

  • Unlike men, women are required to cut their hair at the length of a nail after the completion of Saa’yi.

  • Makeup and Jewelry is not allowable in performing Umrah.

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