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Solo Female Traveler Destinations


Solo Female Traveler Destinations

The trend of solo travel has been grown up immensely and inspires adventurous women to explore the world alone and feel safe and secure. While traveling alone it is a great excitement for those who love to make new friends and share travel tips or document the myth of their adventure. The solo female travelers must follow the travel guides and tips for a safe and enjoyable journey. There are a large number of places in the world that are safe to travel. Here are some safe places where you can travel alone so plan a solo adventure and enjoy a fascinating trip. 


Famous as The Land of Fire, Iceland is filled with incredible beautiful sights as stunning volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches and dramatic landscapes. It is known as one of the most peaceful nations that is a dream destination for every solo traveler. The amazing country of Iceland made a legal announcement that women would pay less than the men that made solo traveler to love this place. In 2018, Iceland is ranked as the “safest country in the world” by the Global Peace Index.

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New Zealand 

Every solo traveler must visit the striking land of New Zealand that is packed with spectacular beaches, pristine lakes, fjords, lush mountains and much more. This country is considered as one of the most peaceful and safe place for solo travelers where they can enjoy sightseeing the dramatic landscapes. You can find a lot of activities like skiing, skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking, cruising and a lot of fun for a memorable tour. Don’t forget to add this beautiful destination in your travel bucket list this holiday season. 

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Canada is an amazing country known for its rich culture and most friendly people in the world. It is the most safe and peaceful country, especially for the female solo travelers where they can enjoy a taste of European history. Canada holds a great reputation of kindness and is a neighbor of America in the north. Backpack to this striking country to enjoy a comfort zone in your holiday season. 

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Japan is a must see attraction for solo female travelers as it is a peaceful and safe destination. The people of Japan are known for their respectful behaviors and friendly nature. Japan is steeped in ancient rich culture and offers a blend of traditional and modern architecture. While you are in Japan must not miss the most beautiful city of Kyoto, which is a real treasure of shrines, historical temples and gardens.

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Australia can be said to be one of the most favorite solo traveler destinations holding diverse landscapes and wildlife. This dazzling country is known for its lively musical nights, award-winning and delicious cuisine, artistic culture and lush landscapes that attract every traveler around the world. There are plenty of things to do in Australia from shopping to visiting museums and a lot of fun activities. It is one of the best countries to travel alone and explore its wonderful diverse culture. 

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To enjoy the gorgeous and awe-inspiring mountain views, Switzerland must be added in your solo traveler bucket list. It is famous for its picturesque land and incredible scenery that is a prince charming destination for every tourist. You can view the stunning modern architecture and enjoy your trip by skiing, hiking and rock climbing. Switzerland can be said to be one of the happiest countries in the world and safe place for female solo traveler. 

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