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Possible Reasons for Schengen Visa Rejection


Possible Reasons for Schengen Visa Rejection

If you are planning a trip to the Schengen zone then you must need to apply for a Schengen Visa. While applying for a Schengen Visa, a question can arise in your mind, what could be the reasons of Schengen Visa rejection that you should avoid. So when you apply to an Embassy or Consulate for the visa, submit all the required and authentic documents to get the visa without any hassle. Your visa can be rejected when Embassy or Consulate find something unsatisfactory regarding visa application. Here are some possible reasons for Schengen Visa rejection:

Criminal Actions 

If you have some criminal record in your past or current then the officer will never issue you Schengen visa. The applicant of visa with a criminal record would be considered as a security threat to the country so the refusal for Schengen visa can happen in this case.  The applicant will not be allowed to enter into Schengen area if he/she is found indulge in criminal activities. 

Invalid Travel Documents

If you submit invalid or false travel document to the Embassy or Consulate for issuing of Schengen visa then it could be denied. It would lead to an absolute rejection of visa and unfavorable consequences such as you can also be banned if you try to represent fake identity. 

The purpose of your visit is not clear

If the purpose of your visit is not clear and you do not have sufficient explanation for the planned stay in your destination country then the Consular or Embassy can deny the Schengen visa. 

Damaged Passport

One of the reasons for the rejection of Schengen visa can be damaged passport of the applicant. If the pages of the passport are missing, it has only two blank visa pages or the expiry date of the passport is just three months after the flight then the visa will not be issued. 

Lack to proper proof of travel itinerary

While applying for a Schengen visa, make sure to submit a proper proof of your travel itinerary in your destination place. You should submit your accommodation details, booked flight tickets and detailed flight itinerary in order to get your visa issued. If you are traveling in a group you have to submit the flight details of all the members who are traveling with you. 

Letter of reference is invalid 

One of the reasons of Schengen visa rejection can be the invalid letter of reference. If there is a missing signature or stamp on reference letter or it lasts for three months from the application date the Schengen visa can be rejected. 

Insufficient proof of funds 

If there is a lack of funds for traveling to your destination and do not have sufficient proof of funds then the visa can be rejected. The failure of financial statements and presenting of fake financial documents can lead to the refusal of Schengen visa. 

Unacceptable Birth or Marriage Certificate

If the applicant of Schengen Visa has failed to represent authentic birth certificate or marriage certificate then the visa can be rejected by the Embassy or Consulate. If you submit certificates that are not endorsed by official authorities then the Schengen visa will not be issued. 

Travel Insurance is not valid

If you represent invalid travel insurance to the Embassy or Consulate this might lead to rejection of Schengen visa. If travel insurance coverage is not enough it could also be a reason for the refusal of visa. If travel insurance company  is not able to provide services in your destination country or does not give coverage until you return to your home country the Embassy or Consulate would not issue Schengen visa. 

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