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Legal stay in Europe for more than 90 days


Legal stay in Europe for more than 90 days

Every year a large number of tourists come across this question “how they can legally stay in Europe for more than 90 days?” The answer to this question can be said to be complex and difficult. But they are few possible ways that are unknown, to legally stay in Europe for a long span of time. 

Understanding the Schengen Area and Schengen Visa

Schengen zone comprises 26 European countries (not all of the countries in Europe) where you can travel by having a Schengen Visa. A 90 days tourist visa to travel to the Schengen zone is Schengen visa that is valid for a 180 days’ time period. 

The Schengen countries apply a border-free agreement of visa according to which the residents of the countries do not need to always show their passports to travel into the Schengen zone. But they cannot stay there for more than 90 days. If the travelers do not leave the country or overstay they must be fined or deported. 

Can Schengen Visa be extended?

The simplest answer is that travelers cannot extend the entry stamp or tourist visa it is only valid for 90 days. 

Here are some legal ways to stay longer or more than 90 days in Europe:

Working Holiday Visa

One of the best ways to extend your visa is to apply for a working holiday visa even if you do not want to work. Most of the Schengen countries allow tourists to apply for a working holiday visa. The applicant must be younger than 30 years and apply for a visa from a specific country or from where he belongs. This visa will not allow you to work in any other country; you can only work in the country for which you applied.  This visa is a residence permit that will allow tourists to add on their travel fund and enjoy the European adventure. 

Student Visa

If you really wish to stay longer in Europe than student visa is a best choice and all the Schengen countries allow this visa easily. All you need to enroll in an acknowledged university or institute and pay for the courses. Multiple schools and institutions allow you to get admission and write a letter that you are a student of the institute and you need to stay here for your classes, so that you can easily get a long term visa. The student visa is not hard to obtain, you can also apply for student exchange programs, free universities or scholarships offered by many European universities. The students can also work part time and travel the European countries at the weekends. 

Get married and live forever

One of the most effective and easiest ways to get a visa for a long time is to get married with your love in Europe and live there forever. It is easy to live there during the process of visa and you can explore all the European countries. If you found your love during your travel and you both wanted to get married then it is the best way to apply for a visa and live there forever. 

Freelancer Visa

Freelancer visa is often referred as “artist visa”. If you want to have a long stay in Europe and you are a freelancer and many foreign clients then it can be one of the fine ways to apply for a freelancer visa. You must have at least one or two job offers from foreign clients to apply for a freelancer visa. Various professional such as translators, graphics designers and language teachers can easily get this visa and work there for a long time. 

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