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Only PIA Brings Home the Deceased, at Zero Cost


Only PIA Brings Home the Deceased, at Zero Cost!

It is the most painful as well as a nightmare to bring your loved ones who died in a foreign country. When you have to get clear all the documents and there is no one to help you than you will surely feel alone. It is never easy to bring your deceased back home. 

PIA (Pakistan International Airline) stands with you in such situations and brings your deceased loved one home at zero cost. It is the only airline that does so absolutely free. 

PIA is no doubt always stands in helping the people of Pakistan as a national flag carrier especially when travel gets much costly or tough in such conditions. It is the tradition of our national airline to help the people by legal serving and in the time of need as bringing the dead body without any charges. 

PIA is the only airline that gives this service while other airlines charge heavy amount for bringing a dead body. Not long-ago PIA rescued and brought a deceased lady to Pakistan who went to perform Umrah with his husband and died there. When her husband referred to Emirates they ask for hefty charges. 

PIA has the sympathetic staff that deeply understands this difficult situation and gives services that are unmatched by any other airline. The national flag carrier of Pakistan feels proud by serving its people. 

Despite various challenges, PIA is expanding its network and increasing efficiency in a timely manner. We are hopeful that soon PIA will regain its place in the high ranked airlines in the world. 

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