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China's Airliners to reach 10,344 by 2038


China’s Airliners to reach 10,344 by 2038

According to a report: 

Over the next two decades, as the passenger’s throughput is arising at a large pace the fleet size of China Airline will grow constantly. 

A report from Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) states that the fleet size of China Airline is rising by 5.2% annually and will reach 10,344 till 2038. During the period, the turnout will be increased by 6%, when compared to the 4.3% of average growth of world. 

The report also said that due to rising demand, the proportion of China’s aircrafts within the world’s total is anticipated to rise to 21 percent by 2038 and current it is 16%.

 It is also expected that around 459 new aircrafts will be added worldwide in the next 20 years, each plane having cost around 6 trillion US dollars. 

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