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Emirates Got Approval for Biometric Boarding to United States


Emirates Got Approval for Biometric Boarding to United States

Emirates became the first non-American airline for biometric boarding for flights to US, after the approval by (CBP) US Customs and Border Protection. Since July the biometric technology was being tested on flights to Los Angeles and New York and from now it will be applied on all flights of Emirates to 12 destinations in United States. 

Since 2017, various airlines are using biometric boarding for flights operating to US airports but the technology is approved for entering flights to US for the first time. The International Airport of Los Angeles has one of the largest activities of the system with various airlines using biometric boarding as British Airways, Air France, Finn Air, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, KLM, Qantas, Lufthansa and Singapore Airline. 

The head of group security of Emirates, Dr. Adbulla Al Hashimi said: “Our ultimate aim is to help our passengers travel paperless, without the need for passports and IDs. Biometric boarding is one more step in streamlining processes at our hub using digital technology, saving our customers time and giving them peace of mind.”

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