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How to Plan Your First Trip to China?


How to Plan Your First Trip to China

A trip to such a diverse country like China must be an incredible and rewarding experience. Planning a tour to China can be a little challenging for the first time visitors due to its vast territory and varied weather conditions. China has a lot of wonderful places to be explored from breathtaking natural landscape, giant pandas in Chengdu, amazing Eastern culture, Kung Fu, delicious Chinese food and an endless array of fantastic things. Your trip to China can be great fun if you start your trip by following proper tips.

Get your Visa to China 

The first and foremost thing while planning a tour to China is to get your visa to the country. You should check all the latest requirements and updates in the Chinese Embassy to know the latest rules and regulations of the immigration department.  You should submit all the required documents in printed form and give all the details about your accommodation and ticket bookings. Before lodging for a visa you must need to book everything and show when you will be entering and leaving China. If you presented all the required documents then the visa processing will be quick and easier. 

Choose the best places to visit 

It is difficult to decide what will be the best place to visit in a diverse country like China but there are various world famous places that you should add in your travel bucket list. If you are a first time visitor do a lot of research to find the best places to visit and explore. The main attractions in China include Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tibet and Huangshan. You can experience a rich culture, historic architecture, spectacular landscapes and stunning natural scenery. 

Best time to travel China 

Spring is the ideal time to visit China when there is neither too hot nor too cold weather. There are also not a big crowd of tourists at the famous attractions of the country. The tourists should not visit China during the National Holidays and events to avoid the big crowd as all the Chinese took off from their work and famous places gets over crowded. If you want to save money, November to March would be the best time to visit because of low season rates and fewer tourists. The best time to visit northern China is March during summer when there is not much rainfall in the area. Due to divergent weather, tourists should check out the weather conditions before visiting the places in China. 

Book Accommodations

If you are going to China for the first time don’t forget to book your accommodation. There are also many apps that can help you to book accommodation before reaching your destination. Some places are expensive to stay and some are affordable so if you are going to have your first trip to do research and choose a reasonable place to stay. Beijing, Hangzhou and Huangshan are the cheap and suitable cities to book accommodation whereas Guangzhou is an expensive city to stay. 

Money matters

The tourists can use Visa and Master Cards at various stores restaurants but when you will be traveling to the countryside or in the villages you must have cash in your pocket. You should also inform your credit card companies so that they know you are going to use your cards in the foreign country. 

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