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The Best Time to Visit China


The Best Time to Visit China

China is a worth visiting country no matter what the season there but sometimes it gets crowded so tourists avoid going there during rush hours. In such a diverse country like China there can be no limitations of traveling but you can better explore a place if you have an idea about its weather conditions and best time to travel. Various travelers come across a question what can be the best time to travel to China. It is a huge country with diverse climate so it can be difficult to decide when it would be best to visit China. Here in this article, you may get the answer when you should travel to China?  

Spring Season (April -May)

If you are a nature lover Spring will be the best time to visit China when the country blooms in lush greenery and beautiful flowers. The months of April and May are pretty time to explore the beauty of China. The most loved destination for tourists in China is Tibet in the spring season. The Li River is also a must see attraction in this season offering tourists mind blowing natural scenery. If you want to enjoy the rain showers then make a trip to Xi’an and Beijing. 

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Winter Season (November - March)

The assorted land of China has a lot to offer in the winter season for those who want to enjoy adventures in the cold season. The best places to visit in the winter season can be Beijing, Hainan, Harbin, Tibet, Macau, Yunnan and Hong Kong. The Ice Festival in Harbin is one of the most captivating events in China that must not be missed. You can view the stunning ice sculptures that are illuminated in the night where you can take amazing photographs. Potala Palace in Tibet is the most interesting place to explore in the winter season.

In the winter season, try to avoid the Chinese New Year celebrations as the country becomes crowded. Plan a trip to enjoy the mesmerizing experiences in the blanket of snow. 

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Summer Season (June – August)

The summer season in China is also full of multiple attractions as it is the peak travel time for Chinese families and students due to summer vacations. The foreign visitors should plan their trip in advance to get suitable and desired accommodations and flight bookings. In South and East China there mostly remains the rainy season. The tourists can enjoy amazing sightseeing and sunny mountain hiking along with experiencing minority festivals. If you are ready to plan a trip to China in summer then Tibet, Yunnan, Guilin, Hong Kong and Zhangjiajie are the must visit destinations. 

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Autumn Season (September - October)

Autumn Season in China can be said to be the best time to visit this wonderful country as there are mostly clearly days during this season. Due to less rain and reasonable temperature it is the ideal time to explore this spectacular land. The tourists that love outdoor activities must visit China in autumn season to enjoy a variety of local fresh fruits and walk on the fall hues. One of the most interesting experiences is to see the ancient paintings in the Beijing Palace Museum that are displayed in this perfect climate. The tourists can also enjoy visiting the picturesque Great Wall of China in autumn season that looks more colorful in this season. 

The start of October could be heavily crowded due to National Day celebrations so you can avoid planning a trip these days.  

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