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Ultimate Travel Guide to Visit China


Ultimate Travel Guide to Visit China

To enjoy a wonderful vacation, no doubt China should be at the top of your travel bucket list. From ancient traditions to modern and outstanding skyscrapers, stunning natural beauty, rich history and diverse culture, it has almost everything to offer for an unforgettable experience. 

To explore this one of the most beautiful countries in the world here is an ultimate guide to visit China that would help you to enjoy a carefree time. 

  • Get your Visa

If you wish to travel to China, you must need to apply for a tourist visa in any consulate or China embassy in your country. You have to submit complete and all the required documents along with the accommodation details and bank statement. The normal processing of visa application can take 4 to 6 week.  You are also required to hold a passport that must be valid for the next six months before entering the country. It is recommended by Chinese customs authorities to apply for a visa before 30 to 90 days when you intend to travel. 

  • Getting to China (by Air, by Train, by Sea)

You can easily get to China from various parts of the world and in many ways by air, by land or by sea. The most famous cities of China are accessible via flights from many destinations. 

China has the roadways with Russia, Nepal and Mongolia so the tourists can reach it by train. The longest railway in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway connects China with Russia including linking branches into Mongolia. 

China has a vast Pacific coastline extending around 1600 km that can be reached by ferry service from Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Various other countries can access China by cruise ships to its ports. 

  • Budget for China 

When you plan to travel to a foreign country you must consider your budget at the highest priority. A careful budget is very important while planning a travel to abroad. China is a diverse country with various contrasts where you can enjoy both high class and luxury vacations and also low budget backpacking. Your travel budget depends on your taste and style and your means of income. 

  • Accommodations in China 

As the numbers of foreign visitors are increasing in China, the hotel industry is also growing rapidly. One of the easiest ways of staying during your trip is to book your accommodations online. There are various websites available from where you can book accommodation at reasonable charges. The tourists can find a wide array of hotels, guest houses and rental apartments in China. The visitors need to submit detailed paperwork as the owners of hotels have to follow the rules and regulations applied by the Government of China. 

  • Buy a VPN before entering China

The tourists won’t be able to use social media in China as the websites are blocked. So if you are planning a trip to China make sure to install a VPN on your mobile phone or laptop so that you can also use social media and also Google Maps and Gmail. The visitors must have to buy a VPN if they wanted to access the social media and various websites on the internet. 

  • How to travel inside China 

There are lots of ways to easily travel inside China as there are lots of means of transport. The tourist can get around the cities by hiring official taxis and can also go to far places by fast moving trains. The trains are the best and affordable way to travel throughout China, where you can enjoy a fantastic journey. If you are not hard with your pocket you can also travel by domestic flights. You can travel by plane and it is not as costly as you can reach your destination in significantly less time. 

  • Travel Hotspots in China

The majestic land of China incorporates a wide array of exciting and wonderful places to be explored. There are various glorious cities that must be at the top of your travel bucket list, here are some of the most popular attractions that you should explore while traveling around China:  

Beijing: The magnificent capital of the country is holding exciting sightseeing opportunities for tourists. Here you can enjoy amazing nightlife and the largest palace in the world – The Forbidden Palace. 

Shanghai: One of the largest cities in the country where you can have a sight at the wonderlands, artistic galleries, museums, the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Jade Buddha Temple. 

Xi’an: It is a real gem of Chinese civilization that remained the capital during 13 imperial dynasties. It is an ideal place to see imperial power, ancient monuments and fortifications. 

The Great Wall of China: It is a wonderful defensive structure and an extraordinary feats of engineering that stretches to 21000 km. 

The Terracotta Army: The Terracotta Army is said to be around 2000 years old that incorporates army soldiers and horses. It is worth visiting the site while exploring the magnificent land of China. You can visit this great army in Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum. 

  • Best time to visit China 

In a diverse country like China it is difficult to decide what will be the best time to visit this country. In terms of climate it is said that spring is the best time to visit China as the weather conditions remains mild in this season. If you want to explore the hilly and rocky regions then June and August will be the suitable time. If you want to enjoy the winter season in China then November to March will be the best time to have a sight at the ice blankets in the country. 

  • Safety in China 

China is overall a safe country for tourists having a pretty low crime rate. It is also safe and secure for solo female travelers. But every visitor should follow some safety tips to avoid pickpocketing and various scams. You should be aware of popular scams while visiting China for a safe and enjoyable journey. Awareness is an important key while having a tour to China. 

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