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Thailand Events and Festivals


Thailand Events and Festivals

The alluring country of Thailand is home to various captivating events and traditional festivals. It is a rich country in culture and traditions that is why various special events take place throughout the year. The local people of Thailand are really hospitable, always ready to welcome the tourists carrying a beautiful smile on their faces. Attending a Thai festive will be a surprising experience for the tourists and they can also have a glimpse at the traditions and culture of the country. There are a wide number of feasts in this lovely country that offers a lot for the visitors such as cultural sightseeing and enjoying the local traditions. 

Water Festival (Songkran)

The Songkran Water Festival is one of the biggest and most fun festivals in Thailand that is celebrated to welcome the New Year. The spectacular water fights take place throughout the country and almost everyone is drenched in water from head to toe. This stunning festival takes place on 13th April and celebrated in the cities and villages for around a week. On this traditional event people go to the temples to pay thanks to their gods and start the water celebrations. 

It is just a celebration and fun activity so do not get angry if someone throws water on you. If you do not want to indulge in the water activity just stay on a side.

Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival)

The Phi Ta Khon also known as Ghost Festival is a three day celebration that takes place in the DanSai town. The locals wear colorful and eye-catching masks with large phallic nose during the celebrations that occur in June or July on the 6th full moon according to the lunar calendar. The locals believe that the festival will be great fun for the living people and dead also. The visitors will enjoy massive and beautiful parades, striking music performances and various Buddhist ceremonies. The tourists can enjoy the party atmosphere and also buy local handicrafts and traditional items. 

Lantern Festival (Yi Peng or Yee Peng)

Every year, in the fairy – tale city of Chiang Mai Yi Peng festival also famed as Lantern Festival is celebrated in the 12th month of the lunar calendar. It is also known as Yee Peng festival that is celebrated to welcome the New Year by lighting the hundreds and thousands of lanterns. It offers an incredible view when the brightening lanterns rise up to the sky in the night. The local people believe that the moon is brightest and rivers are at their fullest so it is the best time to wish for a good fortunate by lighting a lantern and raising it to the sky. The best locations to enjoy the Lantern Festival are Mae Jo University and Tha Phae Road. After releasing the lanterns the visitors can also enjoy the firecrackers lightning in the sky and live music performances.  

Rocket Festival (Boon Bang Fai)

The Boon Bang Fai Festival is celebrated before the rice planting season begins in the north eastern part of Thailand. The Rocket Festival takes place in Isaan and considered as the last “knees up” as the farmers gets busy in plantation after the rains. It is believed by the locals that the Rocket Festival will encourage the gods to shower the heavy rains and crops will grow. The teams start preparing rockets before the event and if they fail to launch the rockets they have to take mud bath as a punishment. Various small villages and districts throughout the country celebrate their Rocket festivals but the main Boon Bang Fai Rocket Festival takes place in the Yasothon Province. You can enjoy a lot of things in this festival as the beautiful parades, nice local rice wine, live folk music and a spectacular party atmosphere. 

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