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Turkish Culture - A Guide to Social Traditions


Turkish Culture – A Guide to Social Traditions

Turkey is a land of rich culture and heritage holding influences of both Asia and Europe due to its geographical location. This diverse land holds the impact of various cultures such as Arabic, Armenian, Georgian and Greek. Turkey is a real gem of captivating traditions and culture that must be explored for an unforgettable experience. It can be said to be a treasure trove of culture that attracts millions of visitors every year. Here is a guide to social traditions in Turkish culture that you can come across while visiting Turkey and it will help you to better explore this fascinating land. 

Turkish People

Turkish people are really lovely and friendly in nature. They are always to help you and love to make new friends, especially foreigners. If you are asking some questions about a place and they do not understand your language they are even ready to go with you and guide you to your destination. If the tourists want to learn Turkish language they will really appreciate your effort and would like to teach you their national language. Turkish people can spend a lot of hours talking with foreigners and they would really like to answer the questions about their culture and history.


The Turkish people are exceptionally hospitable and it is part of their culture and Islamic tradition. They are always ready to invite the foreigners and their friends at home or any restaurant or café. They are polite and humble and admire to spend a lot of time with their guests. The visitors should have to leave the shoes at the door and they will be given slippers to walk into the house. They will offer you ample food that you need to eat to make them happy. If someone invites you at their home, don't forget to buy a gift for them it will really make them happy and also a part of traditions. 

Hos Geldiniz

The visitors will hear “Hos Geldiniz” widely in Turkey and it is mostly placed on various restaurants, bars and cafes. It is a Turkish phrase which means “welcome”.  The phrase “Hos bulduk” is the answer to the previous phrase and it means that “we feel welcome.'' There is no need to get nervous if you cannot remember the answer as Turkish people can realize that many foreign visitors do not know the Turkish language. 

Evil Eye or the Nazar Boncugu

It is one of the most important things in Turkish culture. You can see the evil eye hanging at home, transport and offices and also in various jewelry items. Turkish people believe that this evil eye protects you and brings good luck to all. It is also famous as gifts in Turkish culture. 

Turkish Rugs and Carpets

If you experience a visit to any Turkish home you must see Turkish carpets and rugs in the home. Turkish people feel proud to sit on the floors that are elaborated with traditional and handmade carpets and rugs. Traditional Turkish carpets are widely popular among tourists. Some Turks are also going for preparing factory made carpets that are also cheaper.

Throwing water behind a car

If you see some Turkish people throwing water behind a car do not get surprised as it the part of their traditions. If a friend, family member or guest is going away from their home they will throw water behind the vehicle as they believe that it will be a good luck and the people will return back soon as the water comes. 

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