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Turkey Events and Festivals


Turkey Events and Festivals

Turkey is a cultural treasure that offers more than spectacular landscapes and wonderful ancient history. Turkey is a real gem of miscellaneous events and festivals that includes cultural festivals, lifestyle events, music events, nightlife occasions, and religious events and sports festivals. Not only the cultural and traditional events are celebrated in Turkey but it is also home to various international festivals that take place in the world famous cities of Turkey as Antalya, Turki, Izmir and Ankara. Here are some of the most popular Turkish festivals that you cannot ignore if you are around there. 

Izmir World Fair

Izmir World Fair is the oldest festival in Turkey that is still being held at the ground of Kulturepark. During the early days of September, the fair takes place in Izmir and visitors from all around the country and world come to enjoy the exciting activities. This grand festival also incorporates various other events to entertain the visitors. The magnificent city of Izmir offers incredible artistic attractions during this spectacular event. 

Ramadan Feast

Ramadan is the most significant event for the Muslims all over the world. The Muslims keep fast from dawn to desk and after a month they celebrate the occasion of Ramadan feast. In Turkey it is also known as Sugar Feast as the people visit their friends, family and relatives and offer sweet and delicious dishes to their guests on this festive occasion. All the guests are served with real charm and youngsters pay respect and take best wishes and blessings from their elders. It is a tradition that elders give money to the kids and children can also enjoy free Turkish shadow plays. During this period, there is also an official holiday for three days in Turkey. 

Camel Wrestling 

Camel Wrestling is not widely spread in Turkey but it is only limited to Aegean region along the western sea coast. The Camel Wrestling takes place near Ephesus (one of the most famous archeological sites in Turkey) each year in January or February. The wrestling is performed by a male couple of camels with a beautiful female couple. The wrestling is scheduled in January or February because when the temperature goes down the aggression of camels rises so it is the best time for the event. Camel Wrestling is definitely a most amusing and exciting festival that the visitors can also enjoy along with their families. While having a tour in Turkey during this duration it would be the most fun experience. 

Istanbul International Music Festival

Turkey is famous worldwide for the international music concerts and festivals that lasted for about two months from June to July. The tourists from all around the world make their ways for blues music festivals and stadium rock concerts. Istanbul International Music Festival is known as the largest festival in Turkey that takes place in the largest city holding an immense range of enchanting performances and concerts.

 The visitors can enjoy an endless array of music festivals in the time period of two months. This amazing festival is organized on various venues throughout the city. In this stunning festival you can enjoy traditional Turkish music, Opera performances, ballet dancing and interesting theatrical shows. The tourists can also experience the cultural festivals in the month of July during their holiday season. 

Oil Wrestling Championship 

The Oil Wrestling Championship is a great introduction to Turkish culture and one of the most interesting festivals in Turkey. This special event is also called Kirkpinar in Turkey and 600 years old event that starts in the month of June during FA Cup. You may think of oil wrestling as a joke but it is one of the national sports of Turkey. There are a large number of people all around the world who come to see this spectacular event. The wrestlers enter the ring by wearing black shorts and soak themselves in olive oil. The tourists can also enjoy the colorful market fair, traditional music, dancing and delicious local food. 

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