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Butter Valley - A Hidden Treasure of Turkey


Butterfly Valley – A Hidden Treasure of Turkey

The magnificent country of Turkey holds various hidden gems that need to be explored, one of them is the Butterfly Valley. It is one of the most alluring and picturesque destinations, a big ravine that offers a glimpse at the spectacular nature’s work. This eye-catching valley can said to an isolated slice of paradise that is such a rewarding place for the tourists. This scenic place is located near Oludeniz and best stop for the visitors exploring the beautiful Fethiye. 

In 1995, Butterfly Valley was announced as nature reserve that was later closed for any construction. This beautiful valley is also home to magical bays situated on the western coast of the Gulf of Belceiz. The visitors can also enjoy swimming in turquoise waters and also shop in the valley along visiting cafes. 

The visitors can fully enjoy the beauty of nature reserve and take some catchy and unforgettable pictures. There are a large number of tracks that lead to the numerous waterfalls and astounding natural scenery. 

What about Butterflies?

Butterfly valley is a romantic destination famous due to the exceptionally beautiful butterflies. In order to enjoy the alluring butterflies the best time to visit the valley is July. More than 80 various species of butterflies can be seen in the valley. Some people complain that there are no butterflies in the valley sometimes but if you are visiting the valley too early or too late in the year, butterflies cannot be spotted. The best place to have a glimpse at the pretty butterflies are near the waterfall. Sometimes tourists have to pay a little amount as an entrance fee if they are not having a trip with any group. 

What to expect from Butterfly Valley?

There are various charming attractions in the Butterfly valley. The tourists can reach the place only by boat so it was said to be an untouched place for a long time. Now the visitors can also find multiple cafes and restaurants and a vast camping area and they can enjoy a relaxing trip there. The best thing to do is enjoy a cool breeze in the shade of lush trees and grapevines. It is also used as a stop for sailing boats leaving from Oludeniz. Overall, it is a peaceful and relaxing destination in the holiday season. 

How to reach Butterfly Valley?

The visitors can reach the Butterfly by taxi boat or larger boats from Oludeniz and can also enjoy listening to the wonderful tales by the young men running the boats. They create interesting stories to attract the tourists and if you are first time visitors you can believe on those interesting stories. The official taxi boat for Butterfly valley leaves at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm from Oludeniz and returns till 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. 

Refreshment in the Valley

While having a tour to the Butterfly valley you can also find self – service restaurants and refreshments spots so that you can revitalize and relax yourself. Some places insist for self-service which means that you have to clear your table and take away dishes at the washing points. They follow the motto: “We are one. We are all”. 

Accommodation at Butterfly Valley

If you are visiting the Butter Valley in Fethiye for the first time you must be looking for a place to stay there. The basic accommodation in the valley can be a wooden hut or you can rent a tent for the time you stay there. If you are adventurous and looking for more fun you can also go and camping on the beach. 

Things to do at Valley

There are a lot of interesting things to do in the Butterfly Valley and to enjoy the spectacle of nature. 

Trekking & Hiking: There are a lot of opportunities for hikers and trekkers to go and explore the beautiful natural scenery but they should be careful as it is forbidden in some areas. 

Photography: The photographers should free up the memory of their cameras so that can take catchy and wonderful pictures in the marvelous natural landscapes. 

Swimming & Snorkeling: There can be great fun for swimmers and snorkelers in the amazing crystal blue water and they can also enjoy sunbathing on the beach. 

Party at Night: The tourists can also have great fun by having BBQ’s, bonfires and enjoying parties in the night time. 

The Butterfly Valley is a perfect holiday destination and nature reserve that must be explored to praise the beauty of this unique paradise but the visitors should live in harmony with nature. 

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