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Turkey Budget Travel Guide


Turkey Budget Travel Guide

Turkey is a diverse country located at the edge of Europe and Asia where you can catch sight of Islamic culture and architecture as well as modern art. Here the tourists can keep their foot in the west but also venture into the Islamic world. This stunning country offers the most spectacular landscapes and various ancient sites steeped in history and grabs tourists from all over the world. Here is the ultimate guide on travel to Turkey without breaking your budget. 

Turkey Tour Packages 

Turkey offers a great travel experiences for tourists who are planning a venture to this alluring country. It is packed with so many amazing sites that cannot be missed. If you are going to plan a tour to Turkey you are at the right place as Malik Express is here to save you from any hassle. At Malik Express you can find various tour packages, low fare tickets and accommodation facilities all at one place. Turkey tour packages are starting from 48,900 PKR only. Experience all your favorites with Malik Express offering exclusive tour packages with affordable rates. 

Best Time to Visit Turkey

It would be great fun to enjoy a cool breeze on the coast of Mediterranean, exploring the ancient ruins, fascinating mosques, magnificent temples and much more for an outstanding trip. No doubt your trip will be really delightful all year around but as summer is hot and winter is cold in Turkey so as my opinion autumn (Sep-Oct) and spring (Apr-May) are the best seasons to visit. 

Transport in Turkey

The tourists can enjoy a great travel experience in Turkey as they can find a large number of Turkish who can speak and understand English and would be able to guide them. Turkish are also famous due to their hospitality and friendly behavior towards the visitors.   

Turkey offers less expensive and comfortable transport facilities for the tourists. It is very easy to get all around the country on public transport in Turkey as the buses are of high quality and common option for long routes. The fare prices outside the city of Istanbul are relatively low. 

If you want to get to another corner of the country as it is comprising a huge size, domestic flights are also a good choice as the tickets are affordable and you can easily travel to the far part of the country. The average daily cost of traveling in Turkey is $29.

Travel Insurance

The best ways to travel safely is to buy a travel insurance for your trip. Travel Insurance gives you coverage from any sudden illness or emergency or unforeseen circumstances during your trip. While you are travelling abroad an insurance plan will help you out in difficult situations and give protection in any emergency or incidents. 

Turkish Food

The traditional Turkish food is undoubtedly the most amazing and mouth watering that the tourists cannot resist from tasting it. A decent meal will never cost hefty charges in Turkey. If you are having a low budget then the best option is street food that is also delicious and high quality. It can be said that Turkey is a paradise for food lovers that offer flavorful cuisine with regional specialties. The average daily cost of food for a single person is around $5.42 in Turkey. The delicious clay pot stews and lamb kebabs are the most famous dishes of Turkish traditional food that you will remember for a long time after leaving the country. 

Internet in Turkey 

Various cafes and lodges offer free WiFi for their customers that is fairly quick and faster. You can also rent out a computer at reasonable charges in internet cafes. The tourists can also buy a SIM card that can give a reliable data coverage and you can also save money. 


There are a lot of options for budget accommodation in Turkey. If you are on a tight budget, you can go to a good selection of hotels that are simple and quite affordable. If you are looking for a luxury accommodation, renovated Ottoman mansions are the best places to stay. The tourists can also go camping alongside the coast where various campsites are available. The average price for a hotel room for a couples is around $35 in Turkey.

Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Istanbul: Enjoy crossing the two continents and visit great attractions in this alluring metropolis of the country. 

Cappadocia: Enjoy a hot air balloon ride at Cappadocia and feel like landing on another planet. It is such a fairy tale destination. 

Ephesus: The classical ruins of Ephesus gives a glimpse at the ancient trading city and lifestyle of people at that time. This best preserved and UNESCO listed site is a must visit place in Turkey. 

Aya Sofya: This magnificent mosque is also declared as a museum comprises an innovative architecture, religious importance, exceptional beauty and rich history.

Read this article “Top Tourist Attractions in Turkey” to know more about the best places to visit in Turkey. 

Tour packages and Low fare tickets

If you are planning your next trip to Turkey, you are at the right place on Malik Express. We are here to offer you amazing tour packages and a wonderful trip of your life. You can get discounted fares of tickets, hotel bookings and visa processing and all that you need for making your trip amazing.

You can get the lowest fare tickets from us. Just do online booking and get tickets of your favorite flights sitting at your home. We always try to provide low fare tickets to our customers and also try to provide e-tickets in every situation and every time because the foundation of our company is relying on  to make the process very easy and fast for customers.

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