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Top Tourist Attractions in Iceland


Iceland is a wonderful land of ice and fire and one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Schengen area. It is a great destination for nature lovers and visitors seeking adventure in their holidays. This striking land features icefields, fjords, volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, rivers through deserts and stunning landscapes. The tourists have to apply for a Schengen visa to explore spectacular natural sites and fascinating culture. Iceland is known worldwide for its amazing contrasting landscapes and volcanoes regions, tall waterfalls and delighting natural spas that are great places for relaxation and pleasure. Add this amazing place to your bucket list and enjoy your holiday season in the top attraction of Iceland.

Skaftafell Ice Park

Skaftafell Ice Park is located in the southern part of the country is a nature preserve that is spread almost 5000 km. It is comprised of glorious ice caves, amazing glaciers, desert sand cliffs, Black Fall, wondering hiking places and a bath experience in dazzling blue light. This is an ideal destination to spend summer holidays in sunny days and unique landscapes. This amazing park is also covered by thick bird forests and black volcanic sands. Skaftafell Ice Park is a mesmerizing world that tourists can explore in their vacations. 

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Whale Watching – Reykjavik

The capital of Iceland is a great destination for whale lovers all around the year. One of the most inspiring and magnificent sights is watching the whales jumping near the boats and ferries at midnight. The tourists can enjoy seeing almost 20 species of dolphins and whales in Reykjavik. This place is famed for best whale sights and attracts tourists from all over the world to spend their holidays in this spectacular place.  Besides amazing whale seeing the visitors can also be delighted by the birds nest in the nearing colonies. 

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The Blue Lagoon

One of the most iconic tourist attractions is The Blue Lagoon that is a man made geothermal spa. It is an incredible place where the visitors can enjoy relaxing spa and natural bathing with opaque milky blue water consists of good bacteria and silica. The water is rich in minerals that are greatly beneficial and healing for the soul, body and skin. The Blue Lagoon was established in 1974 with excess water coming from the Svartsengi power plant and revolutionized in 1992 with amazing facilities.  The Blue Lagoon is a great place that offers unique bathing and relaxing experience to the tourists to have an enjoyable holiday season. 

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Spectacular Geysers

This place lies at the 50 minutes away from the capital is waiting for tourists to be explored. It features almost 100 geysers along the Golden Circle. These exploding geysers shoot water at 30 meters in the air with a most fascinating view. The bubbling mud spots and hot spring water is a great destination for tourists seeking for incredible natural phenomena. 

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Myvatn Lake

Myvatn Lake is a gem of wealthy bird life shallow body water and amazing landscapes. Around associate hour’s drive east of the Capital of the North Akureyri could be a geologic and energy wonderland: the Lake Myvatn space. Truly a series of lakes shaped during a series of harmful eruptions over 2 millenniums a gone; the world boasts a wealth of hidden gems that guests ought to do their all to induce to. The lakes themselves are lovely, in their formation and also the life that thrives among them. There are dozens of bird species that flock to the waters in summer and people with associate interest in flora ought to look out for nonvascular plant balls, that kind in a few different places around the world.

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