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Thailand Lantern Festival


Thailand Lantern Festival

In November, every year the spectacular cultural event of Lantern Festival begins in Thailand that is celebrated by the whole nation. It is also known as Yi Peng Light Festival and it takes place with another amazing festival of Loi Krathong in Thailand. A flock of lanterns embellished with good wishes and prayers is placed into the sky that is really a magical and breathtaking view in the full moon night. A large number of tourists visit Thailand to see this picturesque festival. You will surely have a great fun if you are going to plan a trip during Thailand Lantern Festival. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Sukhothai are ideal places to experience this glorious event in Thailand. 

In Thai language, sky lanterns are known as ‘khom loi’ that means floating lanterns. These light lanterns floating into the sky are an amazing experience for the visitors. 

These lanterns are made up of rice paper sprawled above bamboo frame with a candle inside. The lantern is raised from the ground by the hot air of candle. 

Origins and Traditions of Yi Peng

It is extremely sowed in Buddhism and believed that this festival is arisen from India when the myth of the candle-carrying bird once visited and spoke to Buddha about the goodness and merit. It is considered by the believers that if they pay respect to Buddha it will bring purity and popularity into their next life.  

People believe that if they launch a lantern during the festival they will float their mistakes and bad luck. It is believed that if the light lantern is lost into the dark it will surely bring a truly good year but if lantern is crashed it is a sign of bad luck for the upcoming year. 

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When the Lantern Festival is celebrated?

According to Thai calendar, the festival is celebrated on the 12th lunar month. The date of the celebration of the festival changes every year but it is usually celebrated during the middle of October to mid November. 

The name of the festival Yi Peng also describes its date as Yi means “2nd” and Peng means “full moon day” in Thai language. 

In the year 2019, the lantern festival will be celebrated on 11th or 12th November.

Responsible Travel during Yi Peng / Lantern Festival 

The iconic Lantern Festival is a glorious event occurs in Thailand and visited by a large number of tourists each year. Various reports revealed that the festival also causes pollution so if you are planning to participate in the festival you should also take safety measures. The participants should use lanterns that are made of rice paper and bamboo and contain environmentally friendly material. Metal wires and papers should be avoided as it will pollute the ecosystem. 

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Best Places to View Yi Peng / Lantern Festival 

The most striking celebration of Lantern festival takes place in Chiang Mai. Multiple free lantern release events are celebrated in the temples holding big grounds such as Wat Suan Dok, Tha Phae Gate, Wat Lok Moli and Nawarat Bridge. The local people of Thailand and foreign tourists together celebrate the festivities. 

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Setting up the Sky lanterns

The most enjoyable and fun part of Thailand Lantern Festival is setting up the Sky lanterns. The participants can buy lanterns from anywhere and temples also sell light lanterns to earn some money. 

Two people can easily launch a lantern as one can light the fuel and other can hold the lantern until it is filled with hot air. You should be patient until heat enters inside the air as thin paper can also catch fire. You should not force the lantern towards the sky, hold it until it is ready to fly upward. 

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What to Expect at Lantern Festival in Thailand

The tourists should expect the sky filled with amazing glowing light lanterns and fireworks as the people celebrate this fun festivity. The light lanterns fly high into the sky and look like stars offers such a marvelous scene. The visitors will enjoy a lively nightlife in Thailand during this light festival. 

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