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Beautiful Pamukkale and Ancient Hierapolis


Beautiful Pamukkale and Ancient Hierapolis

In the town of Denizli in Turkey, the beautiful Pamukkale and ancient Hierapolis are a great attraction for tourists from all around the world. These striking places were the most visited tourist destination in 2014. Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle” derived from the stunning appearance of these travertine terraces and Hierapolis means “Sacred City” because it is home to a large number of temples. Both of these striking attractions made their place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

Beautiful Pamukkale 

The striking travertine of Pamukkale is a great wonder of Mother Nature that impressed the visitors since the distant past. This natural phenomenon of spring waters comprises a high amount of calcium with a temperature of water around 35 – 36 ° C. The deposits of Pamukkale travertine are stretched over 2.7 km cascade and with its milky white color it can be viewed at a distance of 20 km. 

The dazzling white coating of calcium offers a visually stunning landscape that attracts a wide number of tourists each year. Due to the high deposits of calcium and minerals, it was also used as spa center by the Romans. During the Roman Empire, the spring waters of Pamukkale were also used for healing the wounded soldiers. 

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Pamukkale and the small traditional village became popular in the 1970s when a stream of tour packages for Turkey was introduced. As the number of tourists is increasing day by day it is offering great opportunities for people to make money by running hotels and shops all around the area. It is sad to say that due to this development in the area, the natural landmark will also suffer if diligent care is not considered. 

Since this natural landscape is being spoiled by the pollution, the government took some steps to preserve it by applying some restrictions. The hotels polluting the water springs are shut down, wearing shoes and bathing in the water is also forbidden so that calcium concentration is not affected. The pools of spring water are also being cleaned so that the visitors can fully enjoy the milky white and warm water around their feet. 

The Ancient City of Hierapolis 

The neighboring old city of Pamukkale, Hierapolis is not a less stunning then the milky travertine terraces. The ancient city of Hierapolis equally grabs the tourists who are visiting Pamukkale. This sacred city dates back to the 2nd century BC and in 1988 proudly took its place in the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Exploring the ancient structures with magnificent buildings will give a glimpse at the past in this region. The best places to have a tour are Temple of Apollo, church of Saint-Philippe, city baths and half circle theatre. It is one of the most famous ancient theatres in Turkey that can entertain around 10,000 people at a time. It comprises marble on the front face of the stage that is beautifully preserved and offers a majestic view. 

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As the name shows it a sacred city because it is filled with a heap of temples most of which dates back to Roman period. The ancient theatre with its impressive structure offers a stunning view around it and you can feel the lives in the past. 

The King of Pergamum, Eumenes II is the founder of the ancient city of Hierapolis and the name of the city was taken from the name of his beautiful wife Hiera. This ancient city take part in spreading Christianity that is why in 4th century it was the most important religious center. In 395 AD, Hierapolis became a metropolitan diocese during the rule of Eastern Roman Empire. 

Arriving in Pamukkale and Hierapolis 

Pamukkale can be easily explored in a day trip from nearby resorts. The visitors can also go for a bus trip from Cappadocia and make accommodations in the modern hotels if they want to stay there. 

The tourists can also experience some interesting things while walking around the village such as locals in traditional clothing, rooster flocks in the streets and rusted farmyards. Enjoy visiting these beautiful places and relax in your holiday season. 

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