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Beijing Travel Guide


Beijing Travel Guide

With an exciting blend of city’s ancient past and modern architecture, Beijing is one of the most favorite tourist destinations. This amazing city is the capital of the Republic of China, boasts amazing culture, stunning landscapes and world-class delicious cuisine. It is the cultural and transportation hub that is appealing intrigue tourists to come and explore this fascinating and one of the ancient cities in China. More than 4.4 million people from all around the world visit this charming city every year. If you are planning a trip to Beijing here is an ultimate guide that will help to perfectly enjoy your visit and explore this magnificent city. 

Beijing’s visa free policy

There is a relatively new visa policy that made Beijing a more suitable and convenient destination for travelers. If tourists qualify under the 144-hour visa free transit policy they can visit Beijing without a visa for 6 days. 

Beijing transportation

As Beijing is the most important metropolis and transportation hub in China, travelers can find a wide options of transportation in air, rail and road. The largest airport of the country and biggest rail hub in China is located in Beijing. It is also home to various national roads and expressways. The urban area of the city has a well-organized system of transport but sometimes it could be a bit crowded during hours of rush. The government is also taking significant steps to reduce the traffic jam by promoting public transport, traffic control by odd-even license plates and car registration by a lottery system. 

Best time to visit Beijing

There are four definite seasons in Beijing that are long hot summer, long chilly winter, short windy spring and cool pleasant autumn. The hottest months in Beijing are July and August when the temperature is around 37°C and the coldest month is January when the temperature goes down around -15°C. 

The best time to visit Beijing is between September and October so that travelers can enjoy their trip in a pleasant climate. Early summer weather in May and June are also good options to visit. 

Traditional Beijing food

The delicious and mouthwatering cuisine of Beijing is a composition of various traditional and modern dining choices. There are plenty of restaurants offering interesting and tasty menu with multiple choices of food. You can find a fancy eating place or smaller food setup available all around the city appealing you to grab your favorite dish. 

Even though there is a big menu of dishes available but some of the most popular dishes are Roasted duck, Imperial cuisine and equally tasty local street food. It is commonly said that two must things to do in Beijing is first try the roasted duck and second have a walk on the Great Wall. The perfectly roasted duck is a world famous and best known dish that every traveler must try while having a trip to Beijing. 

Shopping experience in Beijing

The stunning city of Beijing is being capital of Five Dynasties of China comprises a wide history. Since ancient times, various skilled craftsmen had been living here and settled their businesses. There are a lot of options for shopping from buying traditional handcrafts and wandering in luxurious shopping malls. The four best handiwork in the city are Ivory, Jade, Lacquer and Cloisonne. Tourists also really like and worth buying Silk, Pearls, Snuff Bottles with inside pictures. If you want to buy some presents for your friends, sweets and candied fruits are the best options. 

Nightlife in Beijing

There are great choices of colorful and lively nightlife in Beijing after ensuring an exciting and interesting day. Beijing Opera, dramatic performances in multiple tea houses, acrobatic shows and various other traditional shows can entertain tourists a lot. The youngsters mostly like to go for snack market, cafes, pubs and clubs. A stroll along Tiananmen Square and Chang’an Street are best options to get acquainted with the amazing city of Beijing. 

Rough Budget 

Accommodation: €1.70 – 3.39 /day

Food: €0.45 – 1.5 /day

Transportation: €0.22 – 1.22 /day

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