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Digital Nomad's Guide to Live in Chiang Mai - Thailand


Digital Nomad’s Guide to Live in Chiang Mai-Thailand

Among the digital nomad community, Chiang Mai is very popular for its fast internet speed and cheap cost of living. This amazing city is one of the best places that can be called home by digital nomads, offering basic facilities like delicious food, interesting culture, low cost accommodation and an active community. 

If you are planning to become a digital nomad and start your journey by moving to Chiang Mai, it will be absolutely make a difference. The city appears to be welcoming and having lucky association with digital nomads so they work remotely for many years and have many reasons to like Chiang Mai. 

As Chiang Mai is a well-settled community, it is easy to move there and find short term rental options. This charming ancient city is home to mountains, natural sights, university student and Thai locals, expats and digital nomads from all around the world. Before moving to this alluring place you must read this digital nomad’s guide with essential knowledge to move to Chiang Mai. 

Visa Requirements 

Most of the western nationals get a visa on entry in Thailand for 30 days and it can be extended for a further 30 days for $55. If you are planning to stay for more than 2 months you should apply for a six months multiple entry tourist visa. You can also apply for a 6 month visa for a long stay and re-enter Thailand for another visa before it is going to expire. There are no limits on multiple entries in 6 month multiple entry visa. To get more information on Thailand visa and visa requirements visit this link: http://malikexpress.com/thailand-visa

Accommodation in Chiang Mai 

There are various accommodation options that depends on how long you live in Chiang Mai. If your stay in the city is less than 3 months daily serviced apartment is the best option and if your stay is more than 3 months short-term rental apartments are suitable. 

Daily rate serviced apartment: The major advantage of this type of accommodation is that you will get a reasonable rate, a daily cleaning service and internet and other bills are included in the rent. 

Short-term rental apartments: If you have planned a stay in Chiang Mai for more than 3 months, short-term rental apartment is best done. The best way is to go with an estate agency view some suitable place to stay. 

The cost of accommodation in Chiang Mai may vary according to the type of apartment and duration of stay. Typically rent of apartment ranges from $200 to $500 per month in Chiang Mai. 

Getting around Chiang Mai

While living in Chiang Mai, getting around the city is not expensive. You can go to nearby places in the town by walking. Another option is to rent a bike and explore this stunning city on this best transport option. You can also get a 10 minutes ride in the town for around $3. Transport is not so expensive in Chiang Mai so you can easily explore the town and neighboring places. 

Internet speeds in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is popular for high speed internet that is why digital nomads love this place. In serviced apartment you can get free Wi-Fi that might be a little slow as per your needs. You can also go for a personal broadband installation if you are living in a rental apartment. You can get a reliable and fast connection for around $16 in a month. 

Sim card options

If you are interested in getting a sim card, you can easily pick it from any airport or various 7-Elevens spotted all around Chiang Mai. You can get affordable monthly plans for around $15. There are plenty of providers that provide sim cards TRUEMOVE and AIS are the popular ones in Chiang Mai. 

Co-working spaces

There are majority of co-working spaces flocked around the city of Chiang Mai. The prices can vary according to the facilities and internet speeds in the places. You can get a top notch co-working place in around $100 per month offering high speed internet facility 24/7, free refreshments, a swimming pool and a gym. On a daily basis you can pay $3 for a whole day in a space with basic amenities.

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