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Malaysia - What to Pack - Trekking Through Borneo's Rainforest


Malaysia - What to Pack - Trekking Through Borneo's Rainforest

Without a significant preparation and well-thought packing list, no one can land for trekking through Borneo rainforests in Malaysia. You can maximize the fun factor during your trekking if you are properly geared, that means you have enough protection from harsh elements. You will enjoy a remarkable experience in a world full of orangutans, Rafflesia flowers and primary rainforest that deserve your visit. If you are planning a trekking trip through this incredible jungle of Borneo, you must be properly geared up to enjoy the entire trek. 

Before leaving for a trekking through Borneo rainforest, trekkers must consider some packing tips that can make a great trip. Following is a list of some packing essentials and a guideline for trekking through Borneo rainforests.

Weather in Borneo Rainforest

The huge island of Borneo covers three countries that are Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam so weather might be different. On average, there are two seasons in Borneo rainforest: dry and rainy. 

In winter, the average temperature in Borneo is expected to be around 27°C and near 30°C in summer. Usually humidity is an issue so weather feels hotter than it is. There can be a lot of rain in Borneo in the rainy season. An average rain in December or January is over 400mm that drops notably in spring and summer. The good trekking conditions in Borneo rainforest are to avoid the rainy season. 

What to wear for trekking in Borneo rainforest

While going to a dream trip of trekking in Borneo, celebrate great experiences in the jungle. You do not spend a lot of money on fancy jungle trekking clothes. You should feel comfortable and essential clothing that will be enough for your trip and by keeping in mind the humidity in the area. 

Lightweight and sturdy pants for trekking in Borneo

While planning a trekking trip to Borneo, you should buy at least one pair of lightweight and sturdy pants that dry quickly. You should avoid buying pants in black color as leeches will not be visible in black color. You can also pull your socks over pants so that it will be harder for leeches to get onto you. You should properly cover yourself so that you could be immune to leeches. 

Quick dry – long sleeve shirts for jungle trekking

You should must bring a few shirts that are lightweight, with long sleeves and easy to dry. The long sleeves of your shirt will protect you from plant scraping and prevent from leeches. While trekking in Borneo, wearing long sleeves is a good idea to protect yourself.

Waterproof hiking shoes for trekking in Borneo

A good pair of waterproof shoes or hiking sneakers that will be best option for trekking in Borneo. Buy the shoes that will work well enough and you will be comfortable with. A pair of waterproof shoes is one of the most important items in the packing list for trekking. 

A waterproof day pack 

Be sure to have a lightweight and waterproof day backpack to carry your water bottle, food and other supplies that you might need for the day. A waterproof bag will be very handy and helpful if it starts pouring during your day trip. 

Mosquito Repellent 

If you are subjected to getting bit by mosquitoes, there are a lot of bites in Borneo, so the best option is to take a mosquito repellent and apply it before starting your trekking. Some people also spray mosquito repellent on their shirts but it can also damage the color of their clothes. 

Following is a checklist of some other packing items for trekking in Borneo forest. 

>> Leech socks

>> Light jacket

>> Flip-flops or water sandals

>> Swim suit

>> Sun glasses

>> Headlamp 

>> Ultra bright tactical flashlight

>> Quick dry microfiber towel

>> Sleep sheet

>> Lightweight sleeping bag

>> Travel pillow

>> Breathable camping tent

>> Sunscreen 

>> Environmentally safe soap and shampoo

>> Hydrating lotion

>> Deodorant 

>> Packets of tissues

>> Personal first aid kit

>> Cameras and battery packs

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