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Top Tourist Attractions in Italy


Top Tourist Attractions in Italy

Italy is a great treasure of masterpieces of art and architecture having the greatest UNESCO World Heritage sites. This stunning land is filled with spectacular lakes, mountains, dramatic coastline, charming villages and incredible natural landscapes. It is one of the top travel destinations in Schengen zone where you can go by applying Schengen visa. The tourists can enjoy numerous natural sceneries and world class delicious cuisine. It is also known as “the beautiful country” (the Bel Paese in Italian) due to the rich history, culture and various sacred sites. The following destinations of Italy rank high on the bucket list of tourists in their holiday season. 

The Colosseum – Rome

The Colosseum in the capital of Italy is a must see place for the tourists. It was established in the reign of Roman Empire. This spectacular structure represents the rich history of Rome with ancient glories. It is comprised of tunnels of two stories, passages for gladiators, ancient rooms and cells. It was used as an amphitheater in ancient Rome, a place for wild animal fights and various other shows. The Colosseum is the most stunning archeological destination in Italy with delighting sight. It had the capacity of facilitating almost 50,000 people when it was in running state. The tourists must not miss this amazing place while visiting Italy. 

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Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa is a world renowned and incredible structure that is famous for its leaning position. The working on this tower started in 1100s and it took around 177 years to complete it.  It is a worth visiting destination if you are in Italy. The visitors can climb up the tower to have a sight at the magnificent and striking view of the town. It a famous place for making funny photography that includes like people pushing the tower. The tower contains 296 steps to reach its top and it was opened to visitors in 2001. The Tower of Pisa is an amazing place to explore with spectacular views. 

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Pompeii is one of the oldest cities of Italy that presents a sight at the Roman engineering that was buried under volcanic ash around 2000 years ago. It displays ancient art treasures such as sculptures, mosaics, markets, houses, temples and human remains.  Until the 18th century the city was frozen along with everything from paintings to people. It provides a deep imagination on the life of the people living almost 2000 years ago. The walk in the Pompeii represents a fascinating view at the remains of ancient Roman life. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Italy.  

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Lake Como

The most beautiful lake of Italy Lake Como resides in a picturesque area surrounded by mountains and charming towns. This stunning lake resides in the Italian Lake District. It is an ideal place for the tourists in a mild climate and admirable gardens. There is also an abbey dating 11th century around the resorts. It is a favorite tourist destination in the summer holidays and western temperate shore in the winter season. 

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Canals of Venice

A city of islands Venice is a great attraction for the tourists because of beautiful network of canals passing through the streets. There is a tradition of gondola ride through the Venice to enjoy the charming views of the town. One of the most famous of these canals is The Grand Canal with photographed sites. Venice is a marvelous city that offers magical scenery and romantic charm to the tourists. It is a gem of beautiful bridges, historic architecture and magnificent landmark. 

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