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Guide to Ephesus Ancient City and Ruins - Visit Turkey


Guide to Ephesus Ancient City and Ruins – Turkey 

Turkey has a rich timeline of history that proves it is immersed with various historical and ancient attractions. Ephesus – ancient city and ruins in Turkey is one of the most famed attractions that is visited by a large number of tourists every year. Near Kusadasi and Selcuk and on the Aegean coast of Turkey, Ephesus is a Greco-Roman city dates back to 12 centuries before. If you are planning your next trip to Turkey, the city of Ephesus is a must visit destination. Here is a guide that will help you to explore this historic place.  

When was Ephesus built?

According to historians, the ancient city of Ephesus is said to be dating back to the 10th century BC, holding an exceptionally diverse timeline of history. In 129 BC, Ephesus came under the rule of the Romans. During the Roman period, this city was the main hub of sea trading and center of eminence for philosophers and politics. As mentioned in the Bible, Ephesus city was also historically designated as one of the seven churches of Revelation. 

Visiting Ephesus – ancient city ruins

Most of the time, the ancient city of Ephesus is crowded with people. Various cruises dock into the port of Kusadasi that is near to Ephesus, so a large number of people move to this ancient city. You can experience the crowd of hundreds of visitors in your photographs. The best time to avoid crowds is to visit Ephesus early at 8:00 AM as it is opened. If you are visiting for the first time, it is recommended to take a guided trip as they will arrange transport for you and give enough information about the place. 

Highlights of Ephesus City and ancient ruins

Some of the most impressive highlights of the excavated structure of Ephesus city and ancient ruins are following. 

Statue of the Nike Goddess

Nike is not just a brand of sport shoes but in Ephesus there is statue of Nike that is not so large in size. Nike was known as the winged goddess of victory in ancient Ephesus. 

The Footprint in Ephesus

Just like Nike Goddess, another novelty of Ephesus is the engraved footprint. In ancient days, this footprint was called “the bordello” that means “love house” as it is showing way to the whorehouse. Visitors should not be surprised as it is also the oldest career in the world.

Marble Street in ancient city

 The Marble Street in the ancient city of Ephesus lead the way to grand theatre and was also the main way for various religious and ceremonial objectives. 

Temple of Hadrianus

Around 138 AD, the temple of Hadrianus was constructed, now the murals are describing the story of Ephesus. It reveals the history of how Ephesus was founded after a message was received from the Delphi oracle by the son of the Athenian king Kadros. 

Library of Celsius in Ephesus

In the ancient world, the Library of Celsius had largest collections of literature holding 12,000 scrolls. In 135 AD the library was constructed by the order of Gaius Julius Aquila, who desired to pay honor to his father. 

Grand Theatre of Ephesus 

Grand Theatre of Ephesus is the place where champions fought and died and various highlights and social functions were performed. It is estimated that around 24,000 can be seated there, which is quite half than the modern football stadiums today. It is really surprising that how Romans have made this theatre without modern technology. 

Roman terrace houses

In the first century, most of the houses were established by truly rich citizens of Ephesus ancient city. These luxurious houses were constructed with facilities such as underfloor heating, lavatories, inventions and clean water that were not affordable to the public of Ephesus. 

Cats of Ephesus ancient city 

These days’ cats are the citizens of Ephesus and living as they are the kings and queens of this ancient city. They are frequently found on sitting on the Roman engravings, calmly spending their days. 

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