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Top States to Visit in Malaysia


Top States to Visit in Malaysia

The stunning country of Malaysia ranks high in the most visited tourist destinations in Asia. It holds amazing Infrastructure, adventure spots, natural beauty and great diversity in culture and heritage. Tourists from all around the world make their way to this spectacular country to spend their vacations. Every state of Malaysia is home to tempting destinations and plenty of captivating attractions that visitors would love to explore in holiday season. Here are some top states to visit in Malaysia and enjoy a pleasuring experience of trip to this magnificent country. 


Sarawak is the largest state of Malaysia also known as the Land of the Hornbills. Great outdoor adventures are often related to Sarawak as it offers plenty of attractions for tourists. This beautiful state is home to majestic caves, national parks, wildlife and nature reserves that are a great appeal for tourists. 

In 2000, Mulu National Park was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this national park, tourists can also find largest Deer caves in the world. The Batang Ai region is also a natural habitat of orangutans that is a must see attraction for the sight of orangutans.  

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Sarawak is also famous for rich culture and Iban longhouses where tourists must make their way to experience the traditional lifestyle of people. On the foothills of the fairy-tale Mount Santubong, Sarawak Cultural Village is also a must visit site. 

By traveling around the city, tourists can discover a wide array of architectural designs, museums and appetizing delicious cuisine. Fort Margherita is a majestic hilltop fortress that offers a glimpse at the past of the city. 


As a matter of fact, Melaka has been upright in the trial of time. The historical state of Melaka is one of the most famous destinations of Malaysia as it has been a great trading port. In 2008, Melaka was recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and appealed to a great number of tourists from all over the globe. 

Melaka is a historic state, holding some contacts with the foreign power in the earliest time. If you take the air and dawdle in the city you can easily feel the influence of colonial past on its culture and architecture. 

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Some of the most significant sights in the state of Melaka are the Stadhuys, A’Famosa, St Paul’s Church and Christ Church. Multiple colonial wonders are located in the center of the city so it is easy to explore everything in a single day trip. Melaka is also famed for royal glory of Sultanate Palace where a wooden replica of Sultan Mansur Shah is placed. 


In the southeastern part of the peninsula, Pahang is home to picturesque and eye-catching islands and lush green scenery. The resort island of Tioman is the most famous tourist destinations in the state of Pahang. It is a tropical paradise with refreshing waterfalls, adventurous hikes in jungles and peaceful villages where the visitors can enjoy their vacations with great pleasure. 

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In the state of Pahang, there is the Endau Pompin National Park holding perfect setting of various plants and remote wilderness. The seaside town of Kuala Rompin is also famous for freshwater prawns. The best time to taste the mouthwatering seafood from Rompin River, Anak Endau River and Nenasi River is months of September and October. 


Sabah is a world famous destination that is known for the name of coffee as it incorporates various coffee factories. The joy of coffee is not only the specification of Sabah, it has much more to offer. Every year, on March 31, the great festivity of Murat festival – Pesta Kalimaran is held in the heart of the town. Tourists can experience the vibrant culture during their visit to this stunning festival. 

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Some of the most famed tourist attractions are Tenom Orchid Centre, Murut Cultural Centre and Sabah Agriculture Park. The adventure lover tourists can also make their way to Padas River for enjoying whitewater rafting.

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