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10 Best Festivals in Thailand


10 Best Festivals in Thailand

All around the year, various amazing and vibrant festivals are celebrated in Thailand attracting tourists from all over the world. Every festivity is Thailand is sure to delight visitors by offering a glimpse at their culture and local traditions. In this amazingly rich cultural country and land of smiles, there are various exciting opportunities for visitors to become a part of festivities. There is an endless array of craziest festivals in Thailand some of the most popular festivities are following. 

1-Water Festival – Songkran

Songkran Festival is the longest, biggest and most fun festivity that is celebrated in Thailand. Water Festival is a three days water fight that can be seen in the whole country. Throughout the kingdom of Thailand, wild excitement can be experienced and almost everyone is found drenched in water from head to toe. To splash people water guns, buckets and hose pipes are used and the event is celebrated with music and dancing. 

From 13th – 15th April, the fun celebration of Songkran Water Festival takes place in the whole of Thailand. 

2-Ghost Festival – Pi Ta Khon 

Ghost Festival is celebrated for three days by wearing colorful masks and offers a glimpse at religious traditions, handicrafts of locals and fun party atmosphere. Pi Ta Khon festival originated from combining animist and beliefs of Buddhist. It is believed by local people that dead also attend the festival. The event is celebrated at the 6th of full moon according to the lunar calendar. Various religious ceremonies and traditional rituals are performed during the festivity. 

3-Lantern Festival – Yi Peng

Every November, remarkable festivity of Lantern Festival takes place especially in Chiang Mai. Thousands of paper lanterns are raised to the sky on the banks of Peng River. One of the most captivating experiences is to take amazing photos during the Yi Peng festival. Tourists can also enjoy religious ceremonies, parades and breathtaking fireworks after releasing lanterns. 

4-Rocket Festival – Boon Bang Fai

Before the start of planting season in Isaan, farming communities celebrate rocket festival in entire villages. It is believed that the rockets will encourage the gods to shower plentiful rains and more crops will grow by celebrating this festivity. Huge rockets are prepared and launched on the festival. There is also a competition who will build the best rocket and whose rocket is failed, as a punishment he has to take a mud bath. 

5-Buffalo Racing Festival – Wing Kwai 

Buffalo Racing Festival has been taking place in Thailand since 100 years and is known as one of the best festivals in the country. Right in the front of Chonburi City Hall, the racecourse is held around 100 meters cheering the jockeys. A large number of tourists and Thais come from faraway places to see this amazing event. It is an interesting experience to view how the massive beasts run fast in the race. Other attractions in the festival are Muay Thai demonstrations, buffalo decorations and buffalo beauty contest. 

6-Lopburi Monkey Banquet

In the north of Bangkok, Lopburi is very famous for a large number of monkeys and annoying simians. The most popular activity of tourists is to feed the monkeys but in the month of November, they can also buy bags of sunflower seeds as superb replacement. This huge banquet is arranged for around 3000 monkeys in which they are permitted to eat 4 tons of vegetables, fruits and other items. 

7-Vegetarian Festival 

Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival is popular worldwide due to some surreal and exceptional acts performed by locals. The body mortifications are the most terrible when swords and other objects are placed on body parts and cheeks and a walk over hot coals is made. It is believed that Chinese gods will protect in return for painful demonstrations.

8-Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival 

Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival is the top-notch music and arts festival that is held after related events in the US and UK. It generally takes place in the month of December on the edges of Pattaya. A wide number of American and European artists perform with local bands. There are also other interesting attractions such as meditation, yoga, arts and restaurants pop-up by some of the best chefs of Bangkok. 

9-Chinese New Year

One of the most exciting celebrations in the officially Chinatown of Bangkok, Yaowarat are must see while visiting Thailand. In the bustling alleys of Chinatown, the fun seems at its top-notch with worshipping crowds, dragon dances and exploding fireworks. Wat Mangkon Kamalawat on the street of Charoen Krung is one of the best places to experience the Chinese New Year celebrations. 

10-Candle Festival

On a sacred Buddhist holiday, Candle Festival is a religious celebration but also offering party atmosphere all around the city. International teams of artists have designed more than 10 huge wax sculptures that are paraded by accompanying dancers and folk music. Candle festival is an excellent blend of celebration, art and traditional culture. 

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