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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling to China with Your Family


Five Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling to China with Your Family

In a diverse land like China, traveling with your family can be a real challenge that can put you under a lot of stress. Travelers often make various mistakes during their journey that can cost a hefty amount and can ruin your trip. As a traveler, you can fall into the same problems if you do not consider to avoid the common mistakes while traveling to China with your family. This holiday season, if you are planning a trip with your family, here is the ultimate guide to avoid the common mistakes frequently made by travelers. 

1-Do not try to cover all of China in one trip

An itinerary of a typical family mostly comprised of visiting Beijing to explore the Forbidden City and a part of the Great Wall of China, Xi’an to have a glimpse at terra-cotta army, Shanghai for Disney and Chengdu to see beautiful pandas. If you can afford another trip to China, you should not do this in a single trip. Even if all of these cities are holding classic attraction but if you are visiting during summer vacations, the temperature goes really high around 40°C. 

It is recommended to visit some of the major cities and then move to Tibet or Yunnan for a cooling part of your journey. During the day time, the temperature will be likely around 25°C and you can easily enjoy your vacations with your family. 

2-Do not wait until July or August to travel 

If you are planning a trip with your kids you should not wait for July or August. As schools in China usually finish their courses in July and most of the students travel in the summer season. In the months of July or August, when students are free, tickets of train, plane, and entrance to various historical sites quickly sell out or cost high. It is suggested, not to travel with your family in these months, you can also send your kids to summer camps. 

3-Do not cover too many sights in one day

It is advised not to cover too many sights in a single day and do too many things as mostly tourists do while traveling with their families. The best option is to keep three to four hours in a day to see a tourist attraction and then be free to roam in your destination. 

China is a modern place and changing on a daily basis. So while going on a trip to this spectacular country, have enough time to explore top tourist attractions in China. By having a free time you can explore more than the famous touristy sites and enjoy your trip with great pleasure. 

4-Do not ban social media

To make vacations more sweet and pleasuring for your kids, do not ban social media. Some of the favorite platforms of kids like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are banned in China, so you should buy a VPN for your kids. 

Modern kids are not old fashioned so they want to keep in contact with their friends and upload their experiences during vacations. Some of the social media sites such as YouTube, Gmail and Netflix do not work in China, so you have to install a VPN for your kids. 

You can download VPN software on your cell phone and it will give access to banned sites in China and will cost around 15 USD for a month. All the process looks complicated but it is very easy to install and use. It will help your kids to better observe the surroundings and share their entertainment in China with other friends. 

5-Do not be frugal 

A famous Chinese saying is: “Be frugal at home, but spend generously on the road”.  While traveling to China with your family, you should completely follow this. While staying at home, you could be frugal but when on the road or going on a vacation, you can spend your holidays in a luxurious hotel that will really amaze your kids. 

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