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The Road Less Traveled - Our Journey Into Sustainable Tourism


The Road Less Traveled: Our Journey into Sustainable Tourism

As tourism industry is being developed more and booming, it is also creating significant knock on natural and social resources. To survive as a whole, there is imperative need of sustainable tourism. 

Why sustainable tourism?

While traveling to new places during our vacations we come to see various world heritage sites, ancient temples, art galleries, modern architecture, amazing restaurants and much more. Some of the attraction remains there but not all of them will be there for your next generation. If tourist attractions are well preserved that will be in the hands of the next generation, not only ours but it is not the same case always. 

Your trip destination is someone’s home 

While going on a trip to some place keep it in your mind that your destination is also home to some people. How would you wish for the visitors to behave in your home? When your visitors leave your home, you hope for them that they have taken good memories from your place. As a good tourist, it is your responsibility to leave good memories at your vacation destination as it is also the home of other people. You never need to sacrifice the pleasures of your trip by making it happen. Enter into sustainable tourism and add a real delight into your experience. 

1-Minimize waste and pollution

Most of the tourists overuse the resources of earth by creating too much pollution and waste. There is a lack of enough facilities and waste management system in the small and developing islands and other destinations. Unsafe climate changes are a great risk to healthy environment. To maintain a sustainable tourism, travelers can perform small activities such as avoiding plastic products and knowing proper recycling method. Especially try to bring reusable water bottles and use public transportation instead of renting a vehicle, it will really help to reduce pollution. If you have to take flights to reach your destination, it is suggested to take flights of the airlines that use cleaner fuels and less fuel consumptions. Less carbon emissions caused by air traffic will help to reduce air pollution. 

2- Preserve natural environment 

There is a great opportunity for travelers to protect the natural resources and surroundings while having a trip in their vacations. For the better understanding of their destination they should make a detailed research and find out the ways how they can help to conserve the natural environment. In various places, there are limited natural resources so the travelers should take care of the usage of these assets. For example, in South Africa and Cape Town, there is a water crisis so they should carefully use the water. They should also pay various fees that would help to preserve the natural environment. 

3-Support local people

Travelers should make sure that they benefit the local community by spending their money in a right way. They can eat local food and buy their products to help them economically grow and support their business. Local market is a great way to enjoy the local culture and know more about local traditions. If you are a businessman and trying to establish your business, you should hire local people so that their income and lifestyle is improved. 

4- Respect and preserve culture

While going on a trip, there is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the culture and traditions of your destination. As a traveler, you should learn and celebrate the local traditions and respect their culture. You should help them to preserve their culture and giving respect to their etiquettes and behavior. Be aware of the usage of your gestures as they have different meanings in various cultures. Also be aware when having a visit to various heritage sites. 

5-Give priority to animal welfare

Sometimes many lovers of animals can harm them by having less awareness and knowledge about tourist activities. It is really important to give priority to animal welfare by various means. It is recommended to choose ethical experiences and make a detailed research about tourist activities. You should also not touch and feed the wild animals as it can alter their natural behavior and ability to survive. Also be aware when taking selfies with animals or riding on them. 

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